Fantasy Booking – WWE Vs AEW (Feb 2, Week 2)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

(Disclaimer – If you do not understand what this is click on the link below to understand its rules.)

WWE – Dallas, texas


1. Singles Match

Asuka vs Karrie Sane – Winner: Karrie Sane during the end of the match Askuka was doubting herself, Karrie hits a combo of grappling moves, gets to the top rope and gives her

2. Singles Match

Chavo Guerrero vs Richochet – Winner: Chavo Guerrero – After a very fast pace hgh flying match Chavo cheats to win with feet on the rope.

Chavo cuts a promo saying he is the ace of the cruiserweight division.

Main show

1. Handicap match

Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon – Winner: Kevin Ownes after Owen keeping the fight for ten minutes, Vince Mchmohon lays on his back and encourages Owen to pin him and he does to the surprise of the crowd.

2. Tag team match

Luke Gallows comes out with his war paint on.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (The OC) vs Edge & Christain – Winners: Edge & Christain via DQ as The Oc of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows do a Con Chair Toe to Christain in the centre of the ring.

3. Singles Match

Charlotte Flair vs Bailey – Winner: Charlotte Flair with the number 1 contender for the Women’s championship proving herself superior then her opposition. Cleanly gets Figure 8 Leg Lock on and wins by submission.

4. Singles match

Kofi Kingston with Xavier Woods and Big E (Suprised Unsigned Appearances) vs Hulk Hogan with Randy Savage – Winner: Kofi Kingston with Xavier Woods and Big E after overcoming the Hulk up. And giving Hogan a Trouble In Paradise.

5. 8 Person Intergender match

Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey (C) vs Daniel Byran, Rey Mysterio Trish Stratus & Lita – Winners: Daniel Byran, Rey Mysterio Trish Stratus & Lita working as a team working togther, they take advantage of the conflict between Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe and Ronda Rousey (C) vs Beck Lynch

6. Fatal Four Way

Big Show vs Batista vs Chis Benoit vs Sting – Winner Big Show as all the big man strike each other and Chris Benoit waits for an opportunity. Benoit and Big show are left in the ring with the other two incapacitated outside the ring, Big show overpowers for the win.

7. For The 24/7 championship

Paul Heyman surprisingly comes out and introduces Brock Lesnar

Goldberg (C) vs Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman – Winner Brock Lesnar (C), when the match starts, Goldberg runs to hit a spear, but Lesnar ducks down and lifts Goldberg above his shoulders in mid-air. Delivers an F-5 and gets the 1 2 3 to become the new 24/7 Champion

8 Main Event – Gauntlet Match To Determine No.1 contender for Intercontinental Champion

The Rock (C) is on Commentary

  • AJ Styles (Eliminates Shinsuke Nakamura)
  • Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Triple H (Eliminates AJ Styles)
  • Kane (C) (Eliminates Triple H)
  • Shawn Micheals (Eliminates Kane)
  • Undertaker (C) (Eliminates Shawn Micheals)
  • Randy Orton
  • Matt Hardy (The Fiend comes out and makes Matt Hardy unable to compete)
  • John Cena
  • Eddie Guerrero

Winner: Randy Ortan and number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship at Elimination Chamber.

AEW – tucson, Arizona


King of the Deathmatch tournament announced for Fyter Fest. And a Beat The Clock Challenge for the No. 1 Contender for X Division Championship.

1. Tag team match

Will Osprey & Robbie Williams vs Nick Jackon & Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks) – Winners: Will Osprey & Robbie Williams from a frequent tag match and tag team combinations from both teams. All wrestlers superkick each other at the same time at the end of the match. Will Osprey is first to recover and gets the pin.

Main Show

1. qualifying match for King Of The Deathmatch Tournament at Fyter Fest

Jon Moxly vs Kota Ibushi (C) – Winner Jon Moxley, Kota Ibushi takes the initial advantage full of strong style moves. Then once it is taken to the outside, Jon Moxley uses the environment to his advantage. Stopping a comeback at every turn, Moxley finishes Kota with his finisher DDT in the ring to qualify in the tournament.

2. singles Match

RVD cuts a promo on Kenny Omega blaming Sabu’s injuries and working hurt on him.

Rob Van Dan vs Kenny Omega (C) – Winner: Kenny Omega (C) after being dominated by an emotional RVD, both wrestler hit each other on the top rope. Kenny manages to knock him off but RVD lands on his feet facing the other direction. Then Omega then launches himself and hits a massive knee to the back of the head for the pin.

3. Beat The Clock challenge for No. 1 Contender for X Division Championship

Kushin Liger vs Tetsuya Naito – Winner: Tetsuya Naito (7:31) Kushin Liger slows down the match immediately and uses heel psychology to rile up the crowd. Tetsuya Naito slowly makes his comeback. Kushin Liger gets a comeback and some close falls. Naito hits a surprise Chō (Super) Destino for the win getting the current time in the challenge.

4. Fatal four-way table match – No Countout

Mick Foley (Catus Jack) vs MJF vs Pac (C) vs Kenta – Winner: Mick Foley (Catus Jack) after MJF and Kenta take on Pac and Mick Foley individually. Tables get set up all around and inside the ring. So many tables around each wrestler prevent moves mid-action spots. At the entrance, Catus Jack gets MJF on a table and uses his DDT finisher to win.

5. Mixed intergender tag team match

Cody Rhodes & Brandi Rhodes with Dustin Rhodes vs Christopher Daniels & Sasha Banks (C) With Kazarian – Winners: Christopher Daniels & Sasha Banks (C) with Kazarian with at the start both teams taunting for the crowd. A non-physical spot with Dustin Rhode and Kazarian mid-match. Finally, it is left to Brandi Rhodes and Sasha Banks and Banks experience overwhelms her for the win.

6. Six Man tag

CM Punk, Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe (The Briscoe Brothers) vs Adam Hangman Page, Kazuchika Okada, Jay White – Winners: CM Punk, Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe (The Briscoe Brothers) with Adam Page starting the match and shinning until he was overwhelmed by The Briscoe Brothers. Tags out and then Kazuchika Okada and Jay White show chemistry together. Kazuchika Okada, Jay White then leave Adam Hangmen Page to get pinned and they shake hands forming an alliance.

7. MMA Fight – 3 Rounds

DDP vs Cain Valaques – Winner: Cain Valaques during the second round. Valaques plays with DDP in the first got serious in the second. Landing many uppercuts and haymakers.

DDP is out for two weeks from injuries

8. Main Even Champion vs Champion Non-Title – Twenty Minute timelimit

Chris Jericho (C) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi (C) – Winner: Twenty Minute Draw (Simulated conclusion by rolling a 50 50 dice to determine every five minutes of the timelimit match) Many finishers used and close falls out through the match.

Tomoguri Ishii the show cuts a backstage promo challenging for Japanese Championship

This week in February, I started a King Of The Deathmatch Tournament and a Beat The Clock Challenge. And set a large gauntlet match for The Rocks next challenger for Elimination chamber.

Current Champions:


AEW Women’s Championship – Sasha Banks – Jan 4, Week 4, Lockdown

Japanese Championship – Hiroshi Tanahashi – Jan 1, Week 1

AEW Tag Team Championships – Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi (The Golden Lovers) – Jan 1, Week 1

X-Division Championship – Pac – Jan 4 Week 4, Lockdown

AEW Heavyweight Championship – Chris Jericho – Jan 3, Week 3


24/7 Championship – Brock Lesnar – Feb 2, Week 2

WWE Women’s Championship – Ronda Rousey – Feb 1, Week 1

Intercontinental Championship – The Rock – Jan 1, Week 1

WWE Tag Team Championships – Undertaker & Kane (The Brothers of Destruction) – Jan 2, Week 2

WWE Championship – Stone Cold Steve Austin – Jan 4, Week 4, Royal Rumble

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