Conservatism Explained

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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“The point of conservatism is not that it prevents movement forward and upward, but that it prevents movement backward and downward, into chaotic darkness and a return to a primitive state.” – Vladimir Putin 

In developing my political understanding, I will explain the definition of conservatism. And the centrist point of view that I have a balanced opinion. My definition of conservativism is a preference in objective preservation in what is proven within logic. Or/and philosophy in gradual development other than to abrupt change.

Originating on society based on individuals but a living organism working together connected, conservatism favours continuity and stability. And at its foundation, we should believe the government should be a servant to its people. Distinguishing reactionary outlook on how what works determines how they push values and morals towards action.

Today the spectrum between liberal and conservative ideology is a controversial topic. Because most of the memorable considered evil leaders through history have leaned into the extremes. Either of fascism, dictatorship, and radical methods to do what is right or a personal gain. Saying that you could say that to all radial and/extreme political groups that have run under socialist and communist regimes.

Moving towards a balanced idea in politics, to have any traits in broadmindedness, you need to appreciate conservative and liberal natures. And to ethically make a change, there needs to be a level playing field to create more positives than negatives. A willingness to look at the opposite and regardless accept value in something you disagree in contributes to finding a correct solution.

Taking out emotion and the subconscious nature of living through power is the next step in politics towards peace and logical growth. Most associate a conservative with nationalism. But committing to systems that incorporate people first while encouraging the individual to take body, mind and soul action is the way to go.

“Extremes to the right and to the left of any political dispute are always wrong.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower 

As I have quoted below this final paragraph, the extremes people go-to for the sake of good vs evil can limit where liberalism and conservatism can direct us. Each conservative central to conservative embody some amount of character that I learn some value from.

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