Digital Gunslinger

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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(Inspired by TeknoAXE’s RoyaltyFree Music – Song: Digital Gunslinger)

“That was the trouble with explaining with words. If you explained with gunpowder, people listened.” ― Dean F. Wilson, Dustrunner

Cowboy at heart,
Pointing the mind and soul,
Moving action within abstract art,
With and without focused emotion, logically I am in control.
Shooting at what needs to be documented,
Pre-research and preparation until you fire,
Accomplishing the unprecedented,
The more stronger you get is in what you acquire.

Quick drawing the present,
Sussing out the future between the past,
Speaking about the unpleasant,
While challenging ideology as it is broadcast.
You are the hero/anti-hero of your own story,
And a physical platform to do what is right,
it is not about soaking up all the glory,
Not being nice has nothing to do with influencing the light.

In duelling with what is considered politically correct or incorrect,
A digital gunslinger is compleled to execute,
There courage and initiative can reflect,
All their choices and decisions are understood at its foundational root.
Responsibility of holding a metaphorical smoking gun,
Those who hold the power of truth on their side,
An alpha leader who leads by example for everyone,
Are beholders of moral balance before they die.

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