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Who is Kevin Smith? Kevin Smith is known as an American director while being a screenwriter, actor, producer and much more. When I was young, his movies were some of the first original comedy movies I had seen. Over time he has done so much more than quality entertainment.

Kevin Smith Quotes:

  • “Controversial’ as we all know, is often a euphemism for ‘interesting and intelligent.” – Kevin Smith
  • “Storytelling is my currency. It’s my only worth. The only thing of value I have in this life is my ability to tell a story, whether in print, orating, writing it down or having people acting it out. ” – Kevin Smith
  • Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved.” – Kevin Smith
  • “With all the investment that’s going to happen in the area, we thought it was a good time to consider making some changes.” – Kevin Smith
  • “There’s something to be said for failing. It’s not the failure you feel, it’s the failure that people project when something disappoints. You’re back to ground zero, where there’s no expectations, and that’s where I like to be.” – Kevin Smith
  • “When you’re a filmmaker you’re part of a very expensive art form.” – Kevin Smith
  • “The writer crafts their ideal world. In my world, everyone has really long conversations or just picks apart pop culture to death and everyone talks in monologue.” – Kevin Smith
  • “More often than not, a hero’s most epic battle is the one you never see; it’s the battle that goes on within him or herself.” – Kevin Smith
  • “I’ve always kind of ripped from real life to some degree or at least how I’m feeling in the moment. In fact, maybe that’s really it. In anything I’ve ever written, all the characters sound like me, which I don’t think is a bad thing.” – Kevin Smith
  • ‘From now on, any flick I’m ever involved with, I conduct critics screenings thusly: ‘You wanna see it early to review it? Fine: pay like you would if you saw it next week.” – Kevin Smith
  • “You can have 10 bucks to 10 million bucks and if you got a crew, imagination and a lot of people willing to turn in some work next to nothing, you going to have a feature. But you can’t get beyond how expensive marketing the movie is, it’s so crushing.” – Kevin Smith
  • “If there was no Internet, my career would have ended in 1995.” – Kevin Smith
  • “Everybody’s got one killer story. It doesn’t take talent to tell that story, it just takes experience.” – Kevin Smith
  • “And the podcasting – I swear to you – on its worst day, the podcasts are better than our best films. Because they’re more imaginative, and there’s no artifice, and it’s far more real.” – Kevin Smith
  • “It’s kind of debatable whether or not the advertisement model is effective. Like whether Nielsen works. For years, Nielsen has been based on sampling. It’s not like an electronic bullet that hits your house that tells the people at networks at all times what you’re watching.” – Kevin Smith
  • “The only thing of value I have in this life is my ability to tell a story, whether in print, orating, writing it down or having people acting it out. That’s why I’m always hoping society never collapses because the first ones to go will be entertainers.” – Kevin Smith
  • “If you’re lucky, you go from being a movie fan to a movie maker.” – Kevin Smith
  • “Any book is a self-help guide if you can take something from it.” – Kevin Smith
  • “People like to set the bar high. I like to put the bar on the ground and barely step over it. I like to keep the expectations really low.” – Kevin Smith
  • “Don’t let anybody tell you different, man: The main goal in life careerwise should always be to try to get paid to simply be yourself.” – Kevin Smith
  • ” I’m going to hell. I know it. But I knew that back on Dogma. It’s not news to me. I’m just going to enjoy the ride on the way there.” – Kevin Smith

This list was inspired by interviews I have been watching of Kevin Smith. For any amateur, an inspiring filmmaker, writer or ect, this guy is someone you need to research. Have seen all his Jay and Silent Bob movies, I am interested in watching the new Reboot movie.

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