Starter’s Guide To Writing: Trends

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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“Be prepared to ride the cycles and trends of life; success is never permanent, and failure is never final.” – Brian Tracy

Should you write about trends, fads, and current popular opinion? There is a big difference in following something that is trending and having your own opinion good or bad. Trends go through many cycles but although in its foundation, their existence is usually based on earlier similar concepts. In writing do not make your perspective towards a tribal trend superficial, emphasis the value and sustainability of the idea.

Starting with the stages of how trends work, the Gartner Hype Cycle is one way to understand it. Firstly there is a technology or online trigger that gives it the most visibility until it reaches a peak of inflated expectations. Then it drops as disillusionment sinks in as it is questioned. This will remain dead unless the concept has a value of potential/enlightenment to then reach a plateau of productivity.

Answering the question in paragraph one, I would say yes. The nature of a trend can be bias although with journalistic integrity, challenging the norm from both sides give answers to an wider audience. Quoting Coco Rocha “Be current. Know and comment on current trends and news. Don’t be the last one entering a conversation,”.

There are many ways to analyse a trend that results in pushing towards certainty. Saying that is ok to be wrong commenting on the new, emerging, peaking, backlash, and maturing trend. Knowing the advantages and challenges on any topic/subjects is necessary to create a framework and how what is perceived.

Recapping points made in this article, trends may make a lot of people think the same and it is ok to exploit that but how you do it is questionable. Individual freedom in who you are out ways what is popular and is more satisfying compared to what is trending. Staying in the times in what is evolving is not selling out, but a mere example of how potential readers may think.

“As an investor, I’m always scouting for new trends.” – Shervin Pishevar

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