Fantasy Booking – WWE VS AEW (Feb 1, Week 1)

Fantasy Booking Created by: Lee Sonogan

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AEW – Dallas, texas

Pre Show

1. Tag Team match

Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe (The Briscoe Brothers) vs Will Osprey & Robbie Williams – Winners: Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe (The Briscoe Brothers) after hitting a Redneck Boogie, Springboard Doomsday Device and finally a Spike-J-Driller for the pin.

Main Show

1. For the x division title – Singles Match

PAC (C) vs Zack Sabre Jnr – Winner: PAC after making a comeback from Zack Sabre slowing him down through technical submissions and moves intended to get him booed.

2. Three Way Tag Team Match

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian (SoCal Uncensored) vs Fenix & Penta (The Lucha Bros) vs Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks) – Winners: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian (SoCal Uncensored) from them teaming up with The Young Bucks against The Lucha Bros and then turning on The Young Bucks for the pin.

3. Singles MAtch – Non tittle

Jon Moxley vs (C) Chris Jericho – Winner: Chris Jericho by DQ – After Chris Jericho cheats as much as he possibly can to get the victory, Jon Moxley gets a chair and gets himself disqualified.

Chris Jericho cuts a promo while drinking some bubbly after the match.

4. Singles Match

Tetsuya Naito vs DDP – Winner: Tetsuya Naito by countout as Cain Valasquez comes out during the match and DDP chases him away.

5. Triple Threat Match

Awsome Kong vs Jazz vs Aja Kong – Winner: Awsome Kong after separating Jazz from the ring and hitting an Implant Buster on Aja Kong for the win.

Sasha Banks was a guest commentator for this match.

6. singles match

Cody Rhodes with MJF vs CM Punk – Winner: CM Punk after defending himself from MJF interference and Cody coming on strong. With a counter, CM Punk lifts Cody up onto his shoulders and hits the most impactful GTS that he has ever done.

RVD and Sabu cut a promo about their Tag Team championship match in the Main Event. Sabu mentions that he does not care that he will be working injured.

7.. For The Japanese championship (Lockdown Rematch

Hiroshi Tanahashi (C) vs Jushin Thunder Liger – Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi. Jushin Thunder Liger unmasked himself before the match and becomes Kushin Liger. He was more dominate and heel like during the match getting some near falls but Hiroshi Tanahashi hits a Bridging Dragon Suplex for the win.

8 Main Event – For the Aew Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Match

Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi (The Golden Lovers) vs Rob Van Dan & Sabu – Winners: Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi (The Golden Lovers) by Sabu taking himself out by Leg Droping from the top ring to an annoucer table with Kota Ibishi on top. RVD and Kenny fight one on one with both men getting in signature moves. Rob goes for a Five-Star Frog splash but Kenny Omega catches him in midair and locks in the One Winged Angel for the pin.

Sabu was working with an injury and added 6 more weeks as a result of this match.

WWE – tucson, Arizona

Pre show

1. Triple Threat match

Chris Benoit vs Rey Mysterio vs Shinsuke Nakamura – Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura after multiple Kinshasas to Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio

2. Singles Match – Non title

Goldberg (C) vs Kevin Owens – Winner: Goldberg Spearing Owens mid promo inside the ring and than a Jackhammer for the win.

Main Show

Show starts off with Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin signing a contract for Wrestle mania unless Stone Cold loses his WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber. Plus the matches to gain spots in the Elimination chamber will be conducted in the last five matches on the show.

1. For the iNTERCONTINental chaMpionship (Royal Rumble Rematch)

The Rock (C) vs Sting – Winner: The Rock. Unlike the Royal Rumble match, Sting dominates the beginning of the match. And then The Rock makes his come back, hits a People’s Elbow and Rock Bottom for Sting to kick out. Then each man kept counting there moves until the Rock hits his final rock Bottom for the pin.

2. For the WWE women’s championship (Royal rumble Rematch) – SINGLES MATCH

Ronda Rousey vs (C) Asuka – Winner: Ronda Rousey becomes new WWE Women’s Champion after a hard-fought match and winning via submission from her Armbar. Plus No.1 contender Charlotte Flair is a guest commentator for the match.

Amanda Nunes Tweets trash talk during the match doubting her ability to win.

3. Six man tag team match

Edge, Randy Orton (Rated RKO) and Christian vs Jake The Snake Roberts, Hulk Hogen and Randy Savage (The Mega Powers) – Winners: Edge, Randy Orton (Rated RKO) and Christian beating the endurance of the older team. Randy Orton then gets the pin over Hulk Hogen in the conclusion of the match.

4. For a Spot in the Elimination Chamber For The WWE Championship – sINGLES MATCH

AJ Styles with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (The OC) vs Samoa Joe – Winner: AJ Styles using his team members as distractions to get some offence in. Samoa Joe gets rid of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and when he returns to the ring distracted, he gets hit by a Phenomenal elbow.

5. For a Spot in the Elimination Chamber For The WWE Championship – sINGLES MATCH

Brock Lesnar vs Big Show – Winner: Brock Lesnar after his offensive was was against the Big Show. Big Show hits many huge impact moves. And then Lesnar uses submissions to wear him down and hits a F-5 for the win.

6. For a Spot in the Elimination Chamber For The WWE Championship – sINGLES MATCH

Broken Matt Hardy vs Abyss – Winner: Broken Matt Hardy capitalising on Abyss’s tunnel vision and slowly breaks him down until he hits a Twist of Fate from the top of the second rope.

7. For a Spot in the Elimination Chamber For The WWE Championship – Singles mATCH

Bray Wyatt (As The Fiend) vs Eddie Guerrero with Chavo Guerrero – Winner: Bray Wyat (As The Fiend) As The Fiend he dominates Eddie throughout the match and gets a pin after a second Mandible Claw. The ring turns red and The Fiend looks at Eddie, lights go out, and when they return The Fiend is gone.

8. Main event – For a Spot in the Elimination Chamber For The WWE Championship – Singles match

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Micheals – Winner: Kurt Angle via submission. After twenty minutes of a back and forth fight, Kurt Angle slaps on the Ankle Lock and the surprise win.

Shawm Micheals Sweet Chin Musics (Superkicks) Kurt Angle after the match in frustration.

The night after the Royal Rumble usually are the starting points to build for Wrestlemania. Will Stone Cold and Triple H’s feud make it to Wrestlemania? And who will be the next No.1 contender to face Chris Jericho for the AEW Heavyweight championship next?

Current Champions:


AEW Women’s Championship – Sasha Banks – Jan 4, Week 4 – LockDown

Japanese Championship – Hiroshi Tanahashi – Jan 1, Week 1

AEW Tag Team Championships – Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi (The Golden Lovers) – Jan 1, Week 1

X-Division Championship – PAC – Jan 4 Week 4 – LockDown

AEW Heavyweight Championship – Chris Jericho – Jan 3, Week 3


24/7 Championship – Goldberg – Jan 4, Week 4 Royal Rumble

WWE Women’s Championship – Ronda Rousey – Feb 1, Week 1

Intercontinental Championship – The Rock – Jan 1, Week 1

WWE Tag Team Championships – Undertaker & Kane (The Brothers of Destruction) – Jan 2, Week 2

WWE Championship – Stone Cold Steve Austin – Jan 4, Week 4 Royal Rumble

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