Today Is My Birthday – Blog Update

An uncategorised post written by: Lee Sonogan

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The 26th of October once more I am doing a blog update. Currently, sometime after midnight at the beginning of the day of my birth, I ponder what I should say and what I shouldn’t. As you may know, I have many drafts in my back pocket, but what am I not writing about that I am missing? Preparing and sustaining what I have, one may question what could be extended on next.

Having goals, I’m looking at long-lasting series of projects more than the one-off. UNGROOVYGORDS will remain as a personal variety blog, although I intend to experiment with its structure as I evolve and grow. Naming other goals, I have a short movie script currently in the feedback process while posting more content on my niche website ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE.

Having even more goals, I also want to improve my skills in acting, narrating, digital products, keep up with the new and interesting and also so much more. Motivated to continue, the mortality related to my age will not fill me with doubt or hate. I shall always be reminded this day that I want to create and document my thoughts.

Going to bed soon, my perfect birthday idea is writing tomorrow. Maybe one more post on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE. Regardless, my projects will be completed soon. Below is a horoscope of this day that is completely subjective to its understanding.

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