Kevin Spacey Teaches Acting, a class review

A Masterclass review written by Lee Sonogan

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A Masterclass that is no longer available through their service but in some other places online. Kevin Spacey Teaches Acting is a class you need if you want to get into acting. The art of acting is more than just pretending, its carving our words that flow with credibility and impact. The physicality between realism within the context of the performance.

Right away, the series of videos start with the importance of the monologue. Originating in the theatrical, Kevin Spacey says experience in plays is important to learn the basics. Because there is an opportunity to perform a monologue that is the ultimate way to show actors real talent. In-person, Kevin Spacey’ Masterclass workshops are monologue examples and a fascinating critiquing at the end.

Challenging the students to improve, most of the monologues are done once again and you can clearly see the difference Kevin Spacey’s advice has. Working with the text and timing the highs and low create more believable storytelling. In playing a character and grounding the performance, it can emphasise the real stakes of a situation.

Overall I was overly impressed and inspired after watching this class. The monologue examples and how they attack a scene is interesting enough alone. I highly recommend this educational and amusing series on acting if your serious about improving your acting skills.


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