Top 10 Casual Freelance Jobs I Am Willing To Offer My Services To

A list written by: Lee Sonogan

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If I had to choose between an employee or freelancer to make a living it would be a freelancer. Make your own time and make your own business. Both choices have their pro’s and con’s and in my experience are hard to obtain with a preference. Regardless of the pitches and messages, I have sent out to most of these jobs in one way or another. This top 10 list will be why I would prefer these listed jobs.

10. Local journalist

One of the skills I have in writing has journalism at its foundation. Listed as number 10, it may be not my first choice, but it may get me interested in the local news. In how to write local news that any newspaper would want while gathering the best information from local sources in whatever local town.

9. Voice-over Contributor

Not an audiobook narrator, but lines of dialogue Is some I can do. Big or small, I can put some amount into my voice and edit it together to speak better than I normally talk. Even if it is in a big voice acting role on something for example as Rick and Morty for some reason, then It would not matter if I got paid.

8. Cameraman

Just to be a part of a production of any sort as a camera operator would be fun and interesting. In a studio or travelling about, the experience backstage is something I want to eventually get into. And the equipment

7. Social Media Marketing

I might have just enough experience and the right timing to give my services to new and upcoming platforms on social media. There. with an established brand and audience, I have many techniques or methods that could help out potential business goals.

6. Driving for uber & Delivery

I have considered driving my own taxi before. Applying for an ABN, I have still not received anything yet. Same thing with any delivery job I have applied for. Regardless of its benefits include if freelance is listening to music while travelling. Make my own times, and the purpose of picking up and dropping off something at my own pace.

5. House cleaning

The simplest job maybe what I need right now. If I could be well known for my services around the surrounding areas where I live, then it could somehow become a full-time business

4. Copywriter

A copywriter is defined as someone who writes the text of advertisement or publicity material. When I want to I can be persuasive in my writing. All you need is who, what, when, where, why and how and nan eyes for detail.

3. Writing Editor/Video editor

I feel I have gone a long way in improving my grammar, spelling, proofreading, readability, and everything else involved in being an editor. But I would have to go into an office and do the work there to get all the work done. Also, I am confident in many videos of all sorts. Fiction or non-fiction, there is a bigger passion in me towards video editing other than being a writing editor.

2. Scriptwriter

Movies, tv shows, the news and more. The words behind a production among other writers if where I want to be. After reading Truth In Comedy: A Manual For Improvisation, it made me want to bounce ideas and concepts from different perspectives. Contribute with pitches of ideas of my own. Experience how other writers think together in creating something of value.

1. Content Writer

Yes, number one is one more writer job and the best one. As it may be the most experienced one where I am most enthusiastic about. It is what I do here, there and in the unaware. There is freedom to content writing while a market for writers who can work within boundaries of a niche. It is a more stable job than a scriptwriter job as well as work that is fun, balanced and teaches you as you go.

In this list in a descending order to one, most of the choices are either from home or in some sort of office. This is my goal to have soon unless some other opportunity comes up.

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