Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Jan 4, Week 4) – PPV (Royal Rumble & Lockdown)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

(Disclaimer – If you do not understand what this is click on the link below to understand its rules.)

WWE Royal Rumble – Phoenix, Arizona

Pre Show

1 Singles match

Randy Savage vs Jake The Snake Roberts – Winner: Randy Savage via DQ with Jake unleashing his Cobra mid-match and it biting him trapped in the ropes just like what happened in real life.

2. Hardcore Match

Elias vs Abyss – Winner: Abyss after slamming Elias through a barbed wire board and then getting the pin.

3. Singles Match

Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe – Winner: Samoa Joe using a Muscle Buster and then pinning Owens for the 1 2 3.

Kevin Owens cuts about not being used on the main show.

Main Show

1. Ultimate submission mATCH (30-minute time limit)

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit – Winner: Kurt Angle after a long match with both wrestlers applying submissions out through the match without anyone tapping. In the final minute, Kurt Angle slaps on the Ankle Lock out of nowhere and forces Chris Benoit to tap out in the centre of the ring.

2. For the 24/7 Championship

John Cena (C) vs Hulk Hogen – Winner: John Cena (C) with a Five Knuckle Shuffle and a Attitude Adjusticement before Hulk Hogen could Hulk Up. After the match, Goldberg comes out and attacks John Cena from behind. The crowd starts to boo as Goldberg hits his Jackhammer and gets a three count to once again become the 24/7 champion

3. No. 1 Contender for the WWE Women’s Championship

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair – Winner: Charlotte Flair via submission using the Figure 8 Leg Lock after a 15-minute match.

4. For IC Championship – Single Match

The Rock (C) vs Sting – Winner: The Rock (C) after a People’s Elbow and a Rock Bottom

5. For the WWE Tag Team Championships – Inferno Tornado TAG tEAM mATCH

Undertaker (C) Kane (C) (The Brothers of Destruction) vs Broken Matt, Brother Nero (The Broken Harduz – Winners Undertaker (C) and Kane (C) Retain after a double Chokeslam to Matt Hardy through an announcer table and slowly pushing Brother Nero into the fire from outside the ring – Brother Nero gets injuries for four weeks

6. For the WWE Women’s Championship – sINGLES mATCH

Asuka (C) vs Ronda Rousey – Winner: No Contest, because during the match the fight left the two female wrestlers brawling outside. And Amanda Nunes was in the front row in the crowd. Ronda takes a moment to talk trash to her and when she turned around Amanda jumps the rail and begins to fight Ronda. Then the ref had no choice and had to stop the match in a No Contest.

7. For the WWE Championship – trIPLE tHREAT

Brock Lesnar vs Eddie Guerrero vs Stone Cold Steve Austin – Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) after a well-timed triple threat with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar both throwing out Eddie many times over to make it a one on one match. Eddie got a few moments to make a comeback. But in the end, Stone Cold Steve Austin went crazy as the crowd was fully supporting him and Stone Cold Stunned them both until it was only him and Eddie. Then with the final Stunner on Eddie he went for a pin and got the one two three to become the first-ever WWE champion

8. Main Event – 30 Man Royal Rumble (Winner Get a world Championship shot in the main event of Wrestlemania)

  1. AJ Styles
  2. Shinsuke Nakamura
  3. Shane McMahon
  4. Vince McMahon (Teams up With Shane McMahon)
  5. Charlotte Flair (Makes a surprise entrance into the Royal Rumble)
  6. Edge
  7. Rey Mysterio
  8. Daniel Byran
  9. Seth Rollins
  10. Big Show
  11. Batista
  12. Randy Ortan
  13. Bray Wyatt (As the Fiend) (The ring Goes Dark and The Fiend eliminates the Big Show, Batista, Edge and Randy Ortan before stepping over the top rope and purposely eliminating himself)
  14. Chavo Guerrero
  15. Luke Gallows (Teams up with AJ Styles)
  16. Karl Anderson (Teams up with Luke Gallows and AJ Styles)
  17. Bred Hart (Suprise Entrant)
  18. Randy Savage
  19. Chris Benoit
  20. John Cena (C)
  21. Triple H
  22. Kevin Nash (Suprise Entrant)
  23. Christain
  24. Kofi Kingston
  25. Mauro Manello (Suprise Entrant)
  26. Ricochet
  27. Drew Galloway
  28. Andre The Giant (Suprise Entrant)
  29. Kurt Angle
  30. Shawn Micheals

Final 5 includes Shawn Micheals, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Bret Hart and AJ Styles and simulated with this

Final 2 has tag team of DX fighting each other to determine the first Royal Rumble winner

Winner of the Royal Rumble – Triple H after getting Shawn Micheals onto the apron, giving him a suck it gestures and Pedigreeing him on the apron for Micheals to fall to the floor. After celebrating the win, Shawn Micheals offers a handshake to Triple H and he accepts it to end the PPV.

AEW – Lockdown – Austin, texas

Preshow – Non-Steel- Cage Matches

1. tag Team Match

Cain Valasquez & Low-Ki vs DDP & Kenta – Winner DDP & Kenta via count out. DDP gets some revenge against Cain for last week. Kenta gets a GTS on Low-Ki. Like the last weekly pre-show show, Low-Ki ditches Cain and the ref counts to ten.

Annouce replacement of injured Dustin Rhodes with Robbie Eagles

Main Show

The Steel Cage is lowered from the ceiling to the ring.

1. Lethal Lockdown

Jay White, Kazuchika Okada, Tetsuya Naito, Mick Foley (Mankind) vs Cody Rhodes, Robbie Eagles, MJF, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks) – Winners: Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, MJF, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks) with Cody getting the pin against Mick Foley after his elbow drop from the top misses The Young Bucks on the ground.

2. For the Japanese Championship – No eScape Steel Cage Match

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Jushin Thunder Liger – Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi after a splash from the top of the cage.

3. No.1 Contenders for the AEW Tag Team Championships – Ladder Steel Cage Match

Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe (The Briscoe Brothers) vs Rob Van Dan & Sabu – Winners: Rob Van Dan & Sabu – Many tables is brought into the ring before Sabu enters the ring. Many spots from the single ladder and tables. Sabu does a massive leg drop from the top of the ladder through a table with one of the Briscoes, taking them both out. Than RVD jumps from the top of the cage to the ladder, knocks off a reaching Briscoe that was reaching, and unhooks the contract to receive the contract. Sabu gets injured for two weeks

4. For the X Division Championship – Ultimate x – Steel Cage match

Will Osprey vs Zack Sabre Jnr vs PAC vs Adam Hangman Page – Winner: PAC (C) after many spots from the hanging X above. In mid-air above the X fights Will Osprey and gets the better of him. Unhooks the belt to become first X Division champion.

5. For the AEW Women’s Championship – Fatal four-way Steel Cage Match

Awesome Kong vs Aja Kong vs Sasha Banks vs Jazz – Winner and first AEW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks (C). Gets a sneaky pin on Jazz after the big ladies destroy each other with impressive impact moves.

6. Steel Cage match

Jon Moxley vs Christopher Daniels with Kazarian – Winner: Jon Moxley after a Double Handed Avalanche DDT

7. For the AEW Tag Team Championship – Tornado tag Steel Cage Match

Kenny Omega (C) & Kota Ibushi (C) (The Golden Lovers) vs Fenix & Penta (The Lucha Bros) – Winners: Kenny Omega (C) & Kota Ibushi (C) (The Golden Lovers) – Kota Isbushi hits a massive Moonsault from the top of the cage to Penta layed out on an announcer table. With Kenny and Fenix left to finish the match inside. After a back and forth of their deadliest signature movies, until Kenny locks in the One-Winged Angel and get the three count.

8. Main Event – For the AEW World Championship – Escape only Steel Cage Match

Chris Jericho (C) vs CM Punk – Winner: Chris Jericho (C) after a hard-fought bout greater than previous fights for the AEW World Championship. The ending has the two wrestlers fighting on top of the cage. CM Punk locks in an Anaconda Vice and seems like he is going to throw Chris Jericho off the top. But he reverses it, calls Punk a stupid idiot and then Arm Drags him off the top of the cage. Then Chris Jericho calming climbs down the cage from the other side to retain his championship.

Please if this is something you enjoy please provide me with some feedback? What type of matches do you want to see heading into Wrestlemania? And if you can guess, what are some matches I am likely to book for the next couple of weeks?

Current Champions:


AEW Women’s Championship – Sasha Banks – Jan 4, Week 4 – LockDown

Japanese Championship – Hiroshi Tanahashi – Jan 1, Week 1

AEW Tag Team Championships – Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi (The Golden Lovers) – Jan 1, Week 1

X-Division Championship – PAC – Jan 4 Week 4 – LockDown

AEW Heavyweight Championship – Chris Jericho – Jan 3, Week 3


24/7 Championship – Goldberg– Jan 4, Week 4 – Royal Rumble

WWE Women’s Championship – Asuka – Jan 2, Week 2

Intercontinental Championship – The Rock – Jan 1, Week 1

WWE Tag Team Championships – Undertaker & Kane (The Brothers of Destruction) – Jan 2, Week 2

WWE Championship – Stone Cold Steve Austin – Jan 4, Week 4 – Royal Rumble

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