An Open Letter To Telstra

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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I need to express my frustration about Telstra and their process of services, and it needs to be an open letter for anyone to see. The five days of not posting have been because my internet was still not connected since I wrote – Resorting to phone internet from what I was able to publish, dealing with Telstra has been a struggle.

Australia is known for terrible internet and NBN services, in my recent experience it dragged out longer than it should have. Since the 13th when this all started, I contacted five times on different occasions. And during that time it was the 5th time that I was able to obtain a technician. Each time I contacted Telstra before the 5th time they either said they would call back or just left the chat.

The people who left the chat got bad customer feedback response from me. Then when the technician finally came, he told me I had to replace the modem and he had no extras on him. Receiving the modem today earlier than expected since they said 3-4 business days over a weekend, I am happy you were able to deliver to me straight away. shows that in the state Victoria where I live Australia has most services down. My question is due to other states that have Telstra services that have more efficient services in tech support? Such as lower waiting times for tech support? The process I went through was a bit weird, but I can stop ranting now. Telstra, we are cool, although very soon in the near future there will be changes to plans or will have to consider different providers.

PS – Next time if I have issues with Telstra I am going to straight away going through the hidden complain option to speak with the highest officials

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