Ungroovygords Music Playlist: 10

A music playlist created by: Lee Sonogan
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Having not created a music playlist in a long time, today is the day to make a playlist of all the music I have been listening to recently. 2019 has been a good year for new releases in the genres of music I enjoy (Metal, rock, alternative, experimental, jazz and classical.) While I have not mentioned them here on UNGROOVYGORDS, new songs and albums have been published on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE.

  1. No Where To Run – Fozzy (Timeless)
  2. Unsainted – Slipknot (We Are Not Your Kind)
  3. Radio – Rammstein (Untitled Rammstein Album)
  4. Let Me In – Code Orange (WWE Studios)
  5. Fear Inoculum – Tool (Fear Inoculum)
  6. Cold – Korn (The Nothing)
  7. Fall into the Light – Dream Theater (Distance Over Time)
  8. Gods of Pussy – Steel Panther (Heavy Metal Rules)
  9. Unleashed – Killswitch Engage (Attonement)
  10. Auslander – Rammstein (Untitled Rammstein Album)
  11. 7empest – Tool (Fear Inoculum)
  12. Solway Filth – Slipknot (We Are Not Your Kind)
  13. Chocolate Chip Trip – Tool (Fear Inoculum)
  14. Pa-Pa Ya! – Baby Metal (Metal Galaxy )
  15. Blood Eagle – Periphery (Periphery IV: Hail Stan)
  16. Deutschland – Rammstein (Untitled Rammstein Album)
  17. Birth Of The Cruel – Slipknot (We Are Not Your Kind)
  18. Wolf Rap Song – Legion (Television Show)
  19. Under Grass and Clover – Children of Bodem (Hexed)
  20. Burn Me Out – Fozzy (Judas)

Next time I promise a playlist containing only classical and jazz songs I have not heard before. I am also open to any recommended themed music playlists to do if you tell me what you want to read. While I have been talking about new music on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE, UNGROOVYGORDS will continue to write about music every now and then. My next post about music on this website will hopefully be an album review before the year 2019.



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