Craving The Old KFC Sweet And Sour Sauce Taste

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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“This issue with the sauce is one of the main reasons I do not go to KFC anymore.” – Lee Sonogan )

I have written an open letter to Kentucky Fried Chicken,

Regarding the changes to their sweet and sour sauce,

7 months ago I was downright stricken,

Now I remember the taste more than each fast food restaurant I cross.

Still, an appropriate copy of the recipe has not been found,

Each word written about it is a struggle,

Taking it for granted in the background,

The purpose of this current poem is to create a rumble.

A petition on was not enough,

McDonald’s sweet and sour is just not the same anymore,

As a former full-time consumer, this is rough,

In my opinion, it made KFC special at its core.

Where is the press release on why it had to change?

Do they know what they had?

Their menu does have range,

But, until I taste anything similar like it again, I will continue to be sad.

One suggestion is to sell big bottles of it in supermarkets,

Because it would fly off the sauce shelfs,

Public need will reach your targets,

Do this for the people is to do something more than yourselfs.

Listen to my desperate plea,

Value of this sweet and sour sauce is important,

Re-taste the sauce for yourself and you will taste and see,

Then I shall ever be your company’s endorsement.

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