Top 10 – Fact Or Fiction? Articles I Could Write About In The Future

A list written by: Lee Sonogan

Having not created a Fact or Fiction Article recently I am going to tell you the top 10 ideas I could write in the future. In finding the truth in all subjects or/and topics, these topics are controversial opinions or go into conspiracies worth explaining further. If any of these ideas sound like a bad idea than comment below.

10. Ideas Are Living Thing

Giving the saying The pen is mightier than the sword greater meaning. Influence of power can create a greater impact that is a more effective tool than direct violence. And from a quantum perspective, each atom in our body and everything we perceive as solid are living things.

9. A college degree is essential for getting a good job.

I have always wanted to do a Bachelor degree cause are university and this is just one of the benefits before potentially gaining a new job. And expands potential opportunities out to individuals through networking and educational resources.

8. Individual Lifes Matter

Black lives don’t matter, white lives don’t, all individual lives should matter. Regardless of what is have discriminated against in the past, present or future, until all people who virtue signal an agenda that divides us and focus on the potential of the individuals all working together.

7. There Are Some Reasons For Capital Punishment

Morally decided why should some die is a controversial topic. In this potential Fact or Fiction? article I will attempt to explain why some people deserve to die for there crimes and or/serious harm.

6. Climate Change Is Real

These days many people are taking to the streets to protest about climate change. While most scientists believe in it, some still don’t believe in it or believe in it too much.

5. The Universe Is Conscience

If Every idea can be a living thing, the universe being conscience may seem like a more logical idea than some. In space, there is plenty of phenomena documented that we still do not quite understand.

4. Donald Trump Is Not That Bad

Explaining why Donald Trump is not that bad will get some people trigged and let them be so. I will go into many details once I finish the first draft but you can at least say he done the same amount of good things as most other politicians who have had that position.

3. Immigration Reform is a good thing

Different areas of space require many different things. Immigration can control any criminal behaviour that’s noticed at the borders. Items from different countries could impact the environment somehow.

2. Marijuana Legalization Is Inevitable

By this point legalization worldwide will eventually happen. Many countries have already started changing their minds and laws and/or policies have decriminalised it.

1. We Will Not Be Able To Stop The Robots From Taking Over

In the many sci-stories of robots taking over it never ended so well for the heroes most of the time. Any technology we would have to use against it, most people don’t know anything about. Limited to understanding and technology electromagnetic pulses are hard for the average person to find.

All of these ten items list are currently drafts at various stages on UNGROOVYGORDS!

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