Should I Delete More Than Half Of The Videos On My Video Game YouTube Channel?

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My first video uploaded to my current video game YouTube came out the 9th of July 2016. Named Hitler vs Stalin, this video currently has 596 views and was made from one of those WWE wrestling games. From 2016 until mid-2018, I mostly recorded raw footage of myself beating games on my Ps4 in parts. Now at the end of 2019, I have edited the last one hundred videos I have uploaded into more produced compilation videos.

So coming back to the title of this uncategorised post and ask does my old and unedited footage uploaded still hold any value? If I removed more than half my videos on my YouTube channel it will look way better, overall. People are watching my new edited videos so no one will miss the old raw footage. A compilation gaming channel overall is more niche than what it is right now.

My focus is not on creating gaming videos but some of the compilations I have made are pretty cool. And it gives me content to give away for free on YouTube and as free videos on my website on Entertainment Culture Online. Years ago maybe I could have been a gaming YouTuber but as I will explain in a future ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE article, I do not have it in me to speak for 15 minutes at a time or longer to make the videos. (Except if I am recording some sort of movie and I can cut and record at my own leisure.)

The removing of videos will happen eventually although there may be some videos I will keep for sentimental value. Such as a few videos of being my friend in the video game Injustice, some builds in Minecraft, live stream footage and anything else that still has some decent view on it. So my current 414 videos will be cut down to a little over 100 videos and the playlists will be changed and updated.

Here is the link to my gaming YouTube channel to see for yourself >

Most popular video on my gaming YouTube Channel below:

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