Gravity Falls, a tv show review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

20min (2012-2016) Animation, adventure, comedy

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For Tonight’s Final Illusion We Have the Incredible Sack of Mystery. When You Put Your Money In It, It Mysteriously Disappears.” – Stan

A diamond in a Disney channel rough, this animated show is edgy for children. Before judging Gravity Falls and the Disney Channel, this show has more than just humour. The surreal situations of the stories have many secrets in its plot. And then the characters alone in the show can rival any adult animated comedy anywhere.

On Internet Movie Database it is currently 8.9 out of 10 from the thousands of people who have reviewed it. The mixture of context shown in the show through many elements appeals to mostly anyone. It may be weird, but my expectations were low starting the first episode and then I binge watched the rest.

Fun Facts about Gravity Falls:

  • The show uses backwardsmessages, riddles, and a variety of codes and cryptograms for viewers to crack in order to uncover secret messages. These messages can be found in plain sight at the end of the credits in every episode and hidden throughout the actual episodes. Sometimes the messages can be decoded into something comical, but other times it will be something more serious that will reveal hints and important clues for future episodes or even extra lore on the story and characters.
  • Bill Cipher, the dream demon, can see through his depictions (a triangle with an eye). His depictions are everywhere in the show, which means he has an appearance in every episode of the show. The crew behind the show put his depictions everywhere so the audience knows that he is watching the Pines family ALL the time.Episode titles are often movie references, examples include: The Time Traveler’s Pig, Fight Fighters, Little Gift Shop of Horrors, Soos and the Real Girl, and Tourist Trapped.
  • The town of Gravity Falls was inspired by the real life town of Boring, Oregon.
  • Acclaimed filmmaker and author Guillermo Del Toro is a fan of the series.

Stealthy to the end, the style and creativity makes it stand out from many. There is even a crossover conspiracy with Rick and Morty in it when items flew into a portal in Gravity Falls and are seen in the centre of the screen in one of the first episodes in season one of Rick and Morty.

I am not at all embarrassed about liking this show, it’s pretty clever and relatable. And the suspense and mystery develops the story to keep you interested. Short because it’s it only went a few seasons; I definitely recommend it if you think it is your type of thing. Consistent enough I believe my rating score out of ten is fair.


PS – Stan is my favourite character in it because of his brutal and does what he wants.

Bill Cipher: Reality is just an illusion and the universe is a hologram

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