Naming And Shaming Explained

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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Name and Shame Culture is a controversial topic I wish to discuss and explain right now. Both pros and cons of naming and shaming someone can be either positive and dangerous to a tribal society. Judging people is a natural act humans make but what is right to judge and what morally crosses lines?

In the second paragraph here I will first speak about the cons of naming and shaming. Like anything, information about abused power can use blame to single out an individual from a community. This would be a pro if there was strong evidence to do this to a logical guilty person but a lot of people these days will use their feelings to get mad at people who do not deserve it.

The act of naming and shaming encourages the behaviour to point fingers at anyone over anything considered offensive. A large contributor why the average person can not have a civil discussion over the basics or even universal truths. With feelings over facts, sometimes when naming and shaming is necessary, it becomes overlooked.

The shaming part of this act psychologically can be not pretty to a person if it’s to a person who can change thoughts and be a better person from what they did. Is destroying someones mental, physical health, and blocking a potential road to redemption worth it? Pros of naming and shaming are only worth it if the act to those who never learn from there mistakes and guilty of intentionally harming others.

“We judge people in areas where we’re vulnerable to shame, especially picking folks who are doing worse than we’re doing.” – Brene Brown 

Calling out lots of bad specific individuals out there is a must for any society. The guilty are mostly negative or toxic in some aspect and forgetting their previous bad behaviour could cost you. Inforcing politically correct ideas can reinforce themselves to correct their behaviour but only if it’s logical.

For encouragement, not abuse, the idea of naming and shaming accepted could have people heal and be completely turned around. Jails are full of potential people we often overlook. Naming and shaming should be open to being empathic and forgiveness or what’s the point? It is ridiculous how small crimes will leave a mark on your permanent record so I believe naming and shaming is being misused to its best ability.

Concluding this article, I have made important points on both sides because without both sides there would be no balance that we have today. Like any science of logical concepts, it needs to be peer-reviewed to a certain aspect and the victims perspective is one subjective part to it. In the truth of reality, logical research needs to be a factor in judging people with the majority educated enough to make a choice.

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