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In the next ten years, we are going to see many new types of technology powerful enough to change the world. Deepfake deep learning technology today is already very impressive, extending what we now know. But if you can fake more videos, images, and audio these days
you got to think how it all can be abused.

If Facebook is already investing ten million into this than in the social media age online we should be concerned. The definition of the word deepfake is a technique using human image synthesis based on artificial intelligence. Meaning complex computer programs can be used to replace physical details of anyone, and mimic people’s voices using relevant audio data.

Deepfake content has already impacted many people’s lives. Such as people changing important statements into something else that is convincing. Thumbnails and profile pictures have been created for fake account purposes. Fake celebrity porn videos have been popping up in different places. And even rumours of audio scams around the world.

Type in deepfake videos on YouTube and you will see thousands of examples of these videos. Many in current times are used for parody purposes by changing interviews of certain people and swapping in and out of faces. One that went viral online with Bill Hader is at the bottom of the page to watch if you want.

Thank you Naked Security for getting me thinking about this. For more information please click on one of the links I have shared here to see more details on how Facebook is dealing with this project. With the technology used today in face tracking, one of my biggest fears would be waking up one day to finding myself in a situation that has my face on it that is completely fake and untrue.

If you’re worried about the evil potential of deepfake video, you’re not alone; so is Facebook.

Facebook launches $10m deepfake detection project — Naked Security

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