Disconnected Internet Alert!

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

As of the last two days my Internet has been cut off. Posting something right now on my mobile phone is berrer than nothing. Resorting to do this, I will not be able to use the normal tools I use to proofread or/and add in the extra things I normally do. Even will not be able to choose an image for this post in the header or the bulk of this poem. Which will be edited and changed after the Internet comes back on and after publishing today. Inspired by my current situation, this will motivate me to not get lazy on my writing skills while showing what I know without technology. Sorry for this delay and I hope you understand.

The Wi-Fi is currently down,

My progress is forced offline,

Limited to the phone Internet left around town,

Technology is needed to publish what is mine.

Still connected to my WordPress,

One app for two websites,

Only posting one poem today to not stress,

Use the pre-paid plan’s giga-bytes.

Planed schedule in ruins,

There was written content I had in mind,

Reflecting on different perspectives,

I hope my efforts returned are kind.

Wanting to finish things I have started,

A set back is not always a bad thing,

Regardless of being unsupported,

Telstra congestion will fix itself on the 16th or I will sing.

There is already too much to do regardless of anyone’s time,

Getting some other things done,

The last word in this sentence is a rhyme,

With time put into other things you can do a ton.

Summing up problems related to this poem,

I shall be returning as soon as possible,

This is not a bad omen,

Without a quality connection, creating is not impossible.

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