Moral Orel, a tv show review

A tv show review written by: Lee Sonogan

11mins (2005-2009 ) Comedy, adult animation

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Orel: Boy Doughy, Reverend Putty’s sermon today sure made me think. 

Doughy: Orel! You know you’re not supposed to think when it comes to god and faith. 

A parody of an old show called Davey and Goliath that pokes fun at the extreme right Christians. Pushing boundaries, Adult Swim cancelled the show because it became too depressing. At a short length, the Claymation style and potentially the offensive world of cynicism, you will be disturbed while seeing something with a sense of humour.

From the perspective of Orel, everything seems fine, but chaos is about to consume his life and without him noticing it much. Brutally daring to be different it goes dark quickly in many of its various stories. And I can honestly say it gets better the more you what it. Then when you reach season 3 the show drastically changes its tone by changing from stand-alone episodes to a fully developed story.

Facts about the show:

  • Initially, five seasons were planned to be made
  • There was a special made in 2012 (That I think I have not seen before…)
  • Scott Adsit, the voice of Clay Puppington nearly quit the show after one episode he found offensive
  • Dino Stamatopoulis (the creator) evolved the original script written for the rocker Iggy Pop
  • And much more!

Concluding this review this was one I binge watched from start to end. And it can be clearly seen that this show paved the way for such modern animated shows as Rick and Morty or Bojack Horseman. My favourites parts I can remember of my the top of my head include when Orel started doing Crack, the episode called Pleasure, Turn the Other Cheek episode, the hunting trip with Orel and his dad and then many more from season 3. Create more cool and dark stuff like this Adult Swim!!!


Orel: Look, Sampson! Crack! Hurrah!

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