Top 10 Simple Ways To Be Smarter Everyday

A list written by: Lee Sonogan

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Firstly, I am not saying that I am smart (even though I do some things on this list) just merely explaining tools how anyone can be smarter every day. Smart people aren’t born smart but gain an understanding by putting in the work to gain the experience. But many people will find the idea of the earlier sentences would say that is hard. While this is ten ways to be smarter everyday no in any particular order, these suggestions

1. Do random things/Visit new places

You cannot connect the dots looking forward, but you can connect them looking backwards. In a sense, that means something outside your comfort zone or something in displacement is good for the brain. In the moment it may not be recognized in the moment although, you will be learning how to adapt to the ever changing thing called life.

2. Get Some Exercise

Exercise is probably the lest of what I do this list. You can argue all this you want but the mind and the body are connected. A healthy physical life must release tension from the brain and give it positive chemicals and vice versa. A few studies have shown links between activity intelligence, productivity and, creativity.

3. Don’t fall to bullshit

Interpreting subjective and objective information can be true or false. Anything that seems untrue take it as a learning experience and discuss or thing about it. People can resort to logical fallacies that lowers their creditability in making important points. Learning how to avoid BS you can understand how to avoid using fallacies yourself.

4. Write down what you learn

As a writer this helps me a lot in preparing what I post. If you take a few minutes out of your day to document something you find interesting and want to remember, just putting it to paper will increase your brain power. Because of the power of reflecting on your experience helps you in many ways/

5. Read A lot

Once again since I’m a writer I find reading a lot really helps you in many wats. Many people believe this because reading can improve your memory, learn from the source material, information form reading is portrayed differently than other media and is an everlasting references/resource to continue researching on.

6. Explain it to Others

Valuable to yourself and equally important to who you explain it to. Quoting Albert Einstein “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough,”. To be smarter you need to know what you’re talking about. Then the information will truly stick in your memory. Taking your time to explain something can lead to conversation that goes even deeper which can be fun while educational.

7. Do Things The Hard Way

The challenges we set on our self define who we are by the experiences we have. And gaining skilful or important memorable experiences define what we know and how smart we might judge ourselves or others. Take it upon yourself to keep yourself sharp/smart to your environment and push beyond your known capable capabilities.

8. Play Games

Not just video games, anything that encourages competition. If you believe in people, you gotta think we have to bring out the best of each other. A diverse and knowable team can be way smarter than an individual while let’s say these teams have friendly competition at the same time can be a very fun and interesting educational experience.

9. Creativity

Expressing yourself is a sign of intelligence. And choices that are creative are what makes life interesting. Putting what you know into one thing is something, but the process and the end result may be the most satisfying. From my experience will do wonders for you in any area you are enthusiastic about.

10. Take Some Down Time

In the end, we are all human and we need to stop sometimes. Just slowing down and taking the time to not feel the emotional pressure is to act smart. When there is something you want or need, in the downtimes it is when you heal and prepare for any opportunity that comes your way. Patience will help with the process of healing and potential improvement al round.

Feel smarter yet? Hopefully, this is good advice and is worthy of being in a Top 10 list for you. I believe if you have the penitence to put in the work then the brain can potential do anything that will surprise you. By the end of the night, I am going to try to post one more piece of written content on the entertainment culture online website

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