Why I Am Now Enjoying Jazz And Classical Music Explained

An Article Written by: Lee Sonogan

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“Music can elevate man to new heights. Especially elevator music.” – Jarod Kintz

In my attempt to find new music that is experiment and alternative, Jazz and Classical sounding music always come up. My favourite singer Serj Tankian does metal but has also made a classical album called Orca and a Jazz album, called Jazz is Christ. These were my first appreciation in these musical genres. In this following article, I will explain why the Jazz and Classical music is great and why it sounds so different to everything else.

Commenting on my similarities and differences, Jazz players are obsessive with a consistency of rhythmic placement giving it a pulse while classical music looks at rhythm a different way as an expressive element that stretches its pulse one way or another. Classical is music on a page, Jazz is an extension of Classical music with longer harmonies and a live performance on the spot.

Music as a whole has many positive benefits, but are the benefits of Jaz and classical music? Jazz has a downtempo of around 60 beats per minute that synch ups the brain to then create alpha brain waves. Gaining the soothing effect these occur when we are awake but relaxed. Classical can do many things such as lower blood pressure, boost your memory, supercharges your brain for creativity, relieves pain, puts you to sleep and much more!

I may make a UNGROOVYGORDS music playlist in the future only containing only new classical and Jazz song I want to find. There is so many uses for them, and so much more research I need to do. Both music genres are also cinematic so there may be some awesome no-copyright songs I could be using for videos right now that I do not have. If you have reached the end of the article and agree with me, comment, and recommendations below?

“If Music is a Place — then Jazz is the City, Folk is the Wilderness, Rock is the Road, Classical is a Temple.” – Vera Nazarian



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