Minecraft Is Wholesome

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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Influenced by the video game Minecraft!

“For a poet to depict a poet in poetry is a hazardous experiment; in regarding one’s own trade a sense of humour and a little wholesome cynicism are not amiss.” – Edward Dowden

 I have always wanted to use the word Wholesome for a long time,
Minecraft provides an experience of that word's definition,
Much different then what it was when it was fully released in its prime,
It is an open adventure where you decide every and each mission.
PewDiePie's series of the newest update made me remember,
Then I had to return to it like many others,
My live streaming started in August and will continue past September,
Now I get flashbacks to all its three-dimensional shapes and memorable colours.

First I spawned on an island with a village,
I set up my first base and then started to pillage,
Live, in part 2 the construction of my castle was not close to being a finish,
Off-screen now it is very close to being a visually impressive image.
 Wholesome family or solo entertainment,
A benefit for you physically, emotionally and/or morally,
Satisfying enough to make a long-lasting statement,
And makes you think about it currently.
What should I build next?
Where should I explore above or underground?
Avoid all enemy's potions that could hex,
Creeper, aww man, out of nowhere with no sound.
 Mine for diamonds at night,
During the day collecting everything in sight,
Glaucoma exposure approaching is a blight,
But I continue to play because it feels so right,
 Preparing for the final Ender Dragon fight,
My victory will be done for the first time as a solo,
Not dying yet on screen makes me all tight,
With my final blow, I will become a Minecraft Pro.
You can make a computer inside this video game,
And it is way bigger than the initial vanilla solo survival mode,
Having not truly adventured in this world has only you to blame,
This is one of the best video games out there to sit back and just unload.
Oh, hello there. Have you seen any diamonds around?

Just a brief note to end this poem post. While I want to create many poems on all sorts of subjects/topics, on my new upcoming website that is coming out on the 30th of August called ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE, it will be a new platform to create original content on. To see part one of my solo survival Minecraft live stream series then click on the link below this paragraph.




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