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Steven Blake Crowder is a right-sided conservative commentator, actor and comedian. While I don’t agree with all the points he makes to the extent how he does it but, a lot of his arguments are logical, well researched and fair enough to be debated. Recently demonetarized by the various controversial comments he has made and influenced in intent to gain a reaction from the extreme left, I will be quoting his pros sides and why it is important to have all sides in the political commentating spectrum.

Steven Crowder Quotes:

  • “I’m guessing that ability to withstand peer pressure and adhere to one’s values might translate to the kind of backbone necessary for a successful lifelong relationship.” – Steven Crowder
  • “People can hold any opinion that they want on any subject that they choose. Just don’t proactively lie to people. It’s a simple request, really, and one that we don’t hear nearly enough.” – Steven Crowder
  • “Everybody has an angle. The only time I say no to an interview is when someone says they don’t have an angle. I know right away that that’s not honest.” – Steven Crowder
  • “How can the country that created electricity, the light bulb, modern cinema as we know it, and the Oscar Meyer Weenie Whistle not be purely awesome?” – Steven Crowder
  • “For years, young adults have adopted extremely liberal world views in their attempts to be different, ultimately failing to see the irony that they’ve all become the same.” – Steven Crowder
  • “It’s important to understand that the idea of political correctness, from its inception, was designed as a political weapon to silence voices of dissent … today’s social media outrage can be tomorrow’s laws. – Steven Crowder
  • “In an increasingly complex world, with courseloads becoming heavier and heavier, shouldn’t we be opting for more accountability when it comes to our professors, not less?” – Steven Crowder
  • “Call me old-fashioned, but it’s always been my firm belief that a teacher’s job should be for each of his or her students to finish the year with a grade of 100%.” – Steven Crowder
  • “Strength training is a fantastic microcosm for a man’s life: pushing yourself through discomfort, every single day, is the only way to make measurable progress. It’s one of the few ways to grow as a man.” – Steven Crowder
  • “One of my goals in life is to watch political correctness shrivel up and die (as it should be for any true conservative).” – Steven Crowder
  • “Death is not only a passing on but a time for everyone else to truthfully reflect on one’s life.” – Steven Crowder
  • If I ever ran for office, 90% of my answers would be “Do what you want. Pay for it yourself. We’re done here.” – Steven Crowder
  • “My AR-15 has shot fewer people than Hilary’s Husband has Raped,” – Steven Crowder
  • “The truth is that the gossip-hounds in Tinsel Town and the cackling windbags at ‘The View’ don’t want civility. They want catty (or dare I say it gay-ish) gossip and sensational headlines that provide them with an opportunity to hop on the bully pulpit.” -Steven Crowder
  • “In seeking to destroy men… feminists have destroyed young women. Bravo, you heartless, ugly, no-good shrews.” – Steven Crowder
  • “This is why political correctness, or Cultural Marxism,… lends itself so fashionably to easy labels. Transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic, racist, bigoted, Uncle Tom, white privilege, mainsplaining. All of these are slapped on people with “politically incorrect” opinions in an attempt to silence you… Hate speech is inextricably tied to political correctness, or Cultural Marxism, and that creates intellectual conformity — or intellectual authoritarianism. And that’s where you start to see things like “safe spaces” or “trigger warnings” or speakers banned from campus, or people with unpopular opinions banned from social media.” – Steven Crowder
  • “Our real problem: people are feeling about the issues, not thinking about them.” – Steven Crowder

What ever you may think of this guy, he has a lot of interesting things to say. Mostly this is entertainment done in a way that pushes people’s boundaries. Crowder encourages friendly debates more than the average person. He has bias opinions like any strong leaning person should have while not seeming like a bad guy atleast to me. Anyone who has the balls to publicly speak on such topics that he does deserves respect if they do not intentionally cause any harm to anyone.

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