50 Creative Paintings/Artwork I Want On My Wall

A 50 list created by: Lee Sonogan

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“I collect these objects to learn from them. In some moment these things are going to teach me something. For me, this is like a library. These are my books.” – Jose Bedia

I have just about one spot on my wall that would be a perfect place to display a piece of art and it has been something that I have been looking for and want to get for a while now. The following 50 in this list are designs of artwork I would like to hang off my wall. Looking at these images I can honestly say I would not mind a quick glance at every day. I would like to collect pieces of artwork that have personnel value to me while having a value of its own.

1. Octo-Puss

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2. Screaming Skull

3. Spril Face Man

4. Expanding

5. Black and White Games Of Chess And More

6. Sunny Digerdo

7. Blue Cyclops

8. Futristic Rainbow

9. Psycheddilic Leafs

10. Pokemon – Raichu

11. Bubbled Purple

12. Abstract Maze

13. Big Magic Pencil

14. Patterns and Connections

15. Makes Me Think Of Many Things

16. Rick and Morty Look Different

17. Skull? Clock? Globe?

18. Lots Of Details And Colours

19. Fermented Purple And White

20. King Of The Monsters

21. The Eye Of The Mounterns

22. Full Moon Backyard

23. Dream Catcher With Eyes

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24. Black and White Advertisements

No photo description available.

25. Deadpool Arms Crossed

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26.Heath Legar Posing To The Camera As The Joker


27. A Green Link

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28. A Battle Of Fire

29. Ocean Abtract

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30.Trippy Bart Simpson

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31. Aztec Woman

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 67781058_10103605135945923_7407758755175071744_o.jpg

32. Game of Thrones Dragon

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33. Classic Dragon Ball Z Momment

34. Venom Fan Artwork

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35. Abstract Bird/Wings

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36. Frozen Luigi

37. Big Fantasy Mushrooms

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38. Space Face

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39. Tool (Band) Inspired Artwork

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40. Sprals

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41. Public Domain Movie Fan Art

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42. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

43. Scary Terry And Rick And Morty

No photo description available.

44. Donald Trump And Kim Jong UN

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45. Deeper Levels

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor

46. Lord Of The Rings Fan Art

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47. Batman Fan Art

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48. Looking Faces

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49. Galaxy Skull Man

No photo description available.

50. Clear Reflections

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There is what I found so far over a period of time. I want to do a 50 More Creative Paintings/Artwork I Want On My Wall list in the near future before I commit to one. So, I am probably going to be a bit picky but ill commit if I find one easier to obtain then the other ones listed above. The painting in the header of this list is already hanging off a wall in the place where I live.

“Art that makes you agitated usually has something going for it, and you can’t really trust your first reaction.” – Dan Cameron



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