Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Thunder Dragon

In 2019 Thunder Dragon decks are in the top 5 decks in the world. Somewhat overpowered, thunder dragons are fun to use and are useful against most decks. I have wanted to make this deck for a long time, and I was pretty happy how this one turned out. To see this deck in duels, scroll to the bottom of the page and watch the video I created for this post.

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Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End

Thunder Dragonduo

Thunder Dragonhawk X3

Thunder Dragondark X3

Thunder Dragonroar X3

Thunder Dragon X3

Origin Thunder Dragon X3

The Lone Wolf

Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit X2

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring X2

Batteryman Solar X3

Necroface X2



Super Polymerization


Monster Reborn

Soul Absorption

Allure of Darkness X3

Twin twister

Gold Sarcophagus

Pot of Desires

Thunder Dragon Fusion X2



Thunder Dragons Hundred Thunders.


(40 Overall cards in deck)



Thunder Dragon Colossus X3

Thunder Dragon Titan X3

Starving Venom Fusion Dragon


Thunder Dragon Goliath

Borreload Dragon

Knightmare Phoenix

Knightmare Unicorn

Knightmare Cerberus

Some Summer Summoner X2


Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy



In this deck it is designed to summon either straight away with Thunder Dragon Colossus or Thunder Dragon Titan and get Thunder type monsters to the graveyard so they can be used to protect Colossus or Titan with their effects.

The thunder dragon monster in this deck usually have an effect that puts itself in the graveyard and also an extra effect if they are banished. Other cards to mill and banish cards from the deck include Allure of Darkness, Twin Twister, Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End, Gold Sarcophagus, The Lone Wold, Batteryman Solar and more.

Protection cards include Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy and more!

Use Gold Sarcophagus on either Necroface or a thunder dragon to use their effect and then get that card back to your hand in two turns.


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