Why I Am Looking For A Meme Lord

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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Anyone who has spent time on the internet or social media knows what a meme is, but what is a Meme Lord? A Meme Lord can be described as a person known for creating or distributing memes which are usually humorous material. I am convinced that I need a Meme Lord to collaborate with or I will not make it to the next level promoting what I create. For this article I will be breaking down what a Meme Lord is all about and the impact they could potential have in connection with my content.


The term Meme Lord or Meme Master is an internet slang that originated in 2006 by user Duffergeek on his blog. Over some time, memes have received millions of views and have evolved into many subgenres that went viral. While many memes have died from within the internet culture, the freedom in using memes is very much alive. One reason why memes continue to exist may be that they parody existing concepts which is acceptable under Fair Use copyright laws and regulations.

The ideal Meme Lord I am looking for must have an experience sharing their own memes. Willing to post a meme once a week and more if there is a relevant meme that has a connection to what I post. And has a good taste of humour that creates a reaction in a causal audience. Since I cannot pay for a Meme Lord, I will need to find someone passionate enough to contribute without them having to make their own memes even though that would be a plus.

So, if any of you potential Meme Masters have seen Ungroovygords or interested in my upcoming website entertainmentcultureonline.com please contact me straight away. Or I will continue to pitch this idea around because it would be so worth it for anyone. At this point you may be asking why don’t you just be the Meme Lord? You do not earn a Meme Lord status; it is a way of life I am not too experienced in.


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