The Way: Age of Darkness, a book review

A book review written by: Lee Sonogan

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“Inside every world is another world and inside of that is darkness and light,” – The Way: Age of Darkness (Opening Line)

A couple of weeks ago I was sent an email offering a copy of a soon to be released book called The Way: Age of Darkness if I would give it a review. Accepting the book for review purposes, I was just excited to receive something new and cool to read. Reading it I knew I liked it right away. The Way: Age of Darkness is a narrative artbook by Cole Alexander Higgins and is the first volume of the series.

This book can best be described as a bold exploration of the storytelling process. Cole Higgins original drawings over 150 pages make this book what it is. These drawings depict a malevolent force that turns brothers into enemies and men into monsters. And they all brutally caption what each image is trying to say. It is unique enough for any graphic novel or art fan to appreciate because of its mythological and chaos themes in its style

To tell a story through images is an extremely hard thing to do. I believe this book pulls it off by being both visually artistic, and the depth of detail put in which is subjective and objective. Trying to compare this book to other narrative books I have seen it stands out from the rest being very original. The Way: Age of Darkness will be released on August the 13th, 2019. And Cole Higgins is currently working on The Way: Volume 2.

PS – Enjoying the opportunity in obtaining this digital copy, Cole if your reading this I would be interested in reviewing The Way: Volume 2 in the future.


“The crown that lay asunder marks the way to freedom and by his hands the chain is cleaved and broken. The book of truth,” – The Way: Age of Darkness (Closing Line)

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