Lost and Found, an album review

An album review written by: Lee Sonogan

Mudvayne – 53:29 (2005) Alternitive metal, nu metal, hard rock

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This fire, is growing, is burning, deep inside of me
Focused, driven, certain, the way it’s got to be
Fire, growing, burning, deep inside of me
Focused, driven, certain, the way it’s got to be
Crooked (no trust)
Liars (conman)
Drunk with (power)
Taught me everything that I know
So wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong
One two three
Determined, Mudvayne

Mudvayne’s best album that has a lot a metal and even some songs with mainstream appeal. Lost and Found is the third album released by Mudvayne and is the band’s most successful album to this day. In a positive review by Entertainment Weekly they wrote “Weaving crystallized melodies into their signature rage clusters, the metalheads dip a toe in clearer waters without losing any of the grime,” about the album.

Track list for this album:

  • Determined (Recommended)
  • Pushing Through
  • Happy? (Recommended)
  • IMN
  • Fall into Sleep (Recommended)
  • Rain. Sun. Gone.
  • Choices
  • Forget to Remember (Recommended)
  • TV Radio
  • Just
  • All That You Are
  • Pulling the String

If you like to listen to an album in order, this album nails it with the opening song Determined becoming one of the band’s all-time strongest tracks. It was even nominated for Best Metal Performance at the 2006 Grammy Award but lost to Slipknot’s Before I Forget. Fun fact, the song was featured in the Need for Speed: Underground 2 soundtract and was originally named “Fucking Determined”, before the single was released to the public.

Overall this album holds up against their earlier and future released work. In the melodic shifts it shows progression in each song that has both strong music and vocals. While some lyrics are good in this album most of them are dark and come across as “no-one-understands-me lyrics.”. And not all the song are memorable enough to make you want to listen to it all only a few songs. I would only reccomend the songs from the list above.

Shadows in the sun
Filter through us
Still wrestle the demons that arrested me as a child
Confession rejected
We grow up
To give up
People step on the cracks for wounds owed paid back
Through the words of surrender
– Forget To Remember, Mudvayne



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