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Today I reach the four digits of 1000 published posts. As I have mentioned many times over now, I am going to take a break. I am excited to make more progress on my other projects and use what I have learnt from the nearly three years I have been working on UNGROOVYGORDS. But what will I do with the remaining 93 drafts on this blog and will I be returning?

The short answer is yes because even though I intend to work on my other projects such as books, scripts, pitches, and new website, I will add more published content in the near future. To discuss how many words I have written on UNGROOVYGORDS in my first year I had 178 total posts and 97,053 words in total. In 2017 and 2018 I had 275 and 371 posts with total words being 165,467 and 205,108. Then this year not including this 1000th post I had 175 posts with a total of 73,370 words in about 4 months.

97,053 + 165,467 + 205,108 + 73,370 equals 540,998 words in total. With above half a million words I have learnt how to evolve my writing through non-fiction. Understand that a variety blog is very difficult to pull off. How to reuse existing content and my thoughts. What it takes to overcome writer’s block. How to find content ideas that I enjoy. Promoting and advertising through various platforms. The importance of feedback and so much more that I could write many more paragraphs about it.

So that’s all I need to say right now about it. Thank you to anyone who has been interested in anything I have written. Any support that I have received has been appreciated and has motivated me to continue. Please stay tuned for new content very soon in one way or an another.


Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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