Strengthening Connections

A poem wrtitten by: Lee Sonogan

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“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” – Friedrich Nietzche

Wired to make connections,

A network of links which shapes reality,

Acting against opposing reflections,

Positive and negative reactions determine the morality of your identity.

Building towers of concepts to be more,

Some will rise and some will fall,

Personal principles are parallel at their core

If you can not put one and two together then you could feel small.

Divided ideas do not continue the dialogue,

To improvise you must always say yes,

With open eyes in and out of the fog,

In a war of connections, you shall make progress.

Self-imposed mental prisons create walls,

Blocking the change of inner self,

Take life by the balls,

Innovate beyond the metaphorical shelf.

Growing is to develop understanding,

Making mistakes shows differences and comparability,

Gain new logic that is expanding

Find the balance of stability.

Tightened loops are the greatest form of an offensive,

Truths connect to how everything is held within the internal,

The context behind our connections are very extensive,

Strong threads flow well and then you will project in the external.
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