50 Acceptable Gifts to Give Someone

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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Giving gifts to people is a kind gesture and an opportunity to be thoughtful towards something relevant. A gift does not have to be something material which may make the gift more priceless. With a little imagination, you can give something practical or something interesting they might need. The more meaningful the gift is the higher chance people will enjoy and appreciate it.

  1. Recommendations
  2. Advice
  3. Food
  4. Drinks
  5. A playlist of songs
  6. Electronic Appliances
  7. Charger cables
  8. External hard drives or USBs
  9. Offer personal services
  10. Gift cards
  11. Donate and virtually adopt an animal at a sanctuary for someone
  12. Keyring accessories
  13. A new friend who also would like a new freind
  14. Free subscriptions
  15. Artwork in a frame
  16. Art supplies
  17. A planter with some seeds
  18. Treat someone for dinner
  19. Clothing accessories
  20. A label maker
  21. If you have the power give someone a day off
  22. Useful tools
  23. Sex
  24. A virtual assistant
  25. DIY gifts
  26. Event or once-off tickets
  27. Joke gifts
  28. Give someone a membership or season passes
  29. Phone cases
  30. Give a positive thought
  31. Boardgames and card games
  32. An engraved gift
  33. Ointments and Creams
  34. Collection of vouchers
  35. IOUs
  36. A travelling adventure
  37. Encourage a joint new experience
  38. Books/comics
  39. A gift of a free course or class that can be cancelled at anytime
  40. Making someone laugh is a gift
  41. Inspiration
  42. Interesting links online
  43. Your attention
  44. Compliments
  45. Feedback
  46. Secrets
  47. Your true opinions
  48. Personal knowledge
  49. Share what you do not need
  50. Money

To avoid gifts that people may dislike make sure that they have some sort of use for it even if it is to resell it. Make sure they do not already have it and it is of the correct size. And if you put no thought into it the gift may not fit their style. Even to the people who have everything there is always something you can give to someone.

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