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An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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What should be your minimum daily word counts as a writer? I currently have a personal goal of making over 1000 words a day. Depending on what you write and why each writer has their own goals in word counts to make progress. Aspiring writers often have many questions like this to make sure they are doing everything correctly. To achieve quality over quantity, like anything you will need to focus and practise the craft of writing.

Some of the greatest writers of all time have written between 500 and 1000 words a day although Stephen King has claimed to write 2000 words a day. Which makes 180,000 words in a three months span of writing. But he is an author who most likely is under a book contract and he is used to writing with such time constraints. It took me a year to write 36,000 words in my first published book.

In blogging as your ability improves, the faster you will be able to pump out published content. Many bloggers have mentioned that if you push beyond the 1000-2000 word a day mark you may not be as productive which can burn you out and that would reflect on what you write. Maintaining your daily word count requires preparation and a commitment to a schedule.

Tips to increase your daily word count includes writing at the same time every day making you arrive at the screen ready to write. The location where you write will motivate you by avoiding distractions and setting a frame of mind to be inspired. Knowing what you are going to write each day makes it easier to write and has you thinking about it before you type it out.

Reaching my word count mostly every day I usually write in bursts where I spend a certain amount of time on something and then change to something else. Something else can be researching information, proofreading and editing, Planning outlines of concepts in my journals, finishing drafts and much more. If proofreading and editing individual words equal writing half a word then researching information is about a quarter of a word written in my opinion.

Finally, you should track your progress to visually see how you are improving in all areas. For a long time now my daily word count has been mostly in my blog publishing daily as much as I can and working on drafts for following days. For this reason, I am excited to take a break after my 1000th post. Then my time will be used on making progress on my various other projects and preparing for the launch of my new website. I intend to publish something other than blog posts before the end of the year while making a lot of progress on my other projects. UNGROOVYGORDS will still be used for any new or promoting concepts that I come up with between the platforms I use to spread what I write or create.

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