Top 10 Video Games That Need a Remake

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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Old video games still may be good but, much more can be added to them. The new console video games have the ability for way higher graphics and gameplay features. Just making it HD and run smoother would make an old popular game new again. Second chances have been done with so many video games recently. The following video games are not in order and need awesome upgrades.

1. Pokemon Snap

A classic video game from the Nintendo 64 that has the potential to be way better in modern times. This video game was sorta short while only containing the first generation of Pokemon. If they remade the game to include the current 800 and more Pokemon with the graphics from the Nintendo Switch than it will appeal to the original fans and new fans to the series.

2. Super Mario Sunshine

Most Mario Video games are great but Super Mario Sunshine is definitely in the top 3. Released back in 2002 it has never seen a re-release or remake in any form. This incredible video game needs a remake or re-release because the new generation of gamers have no idea what they are missing.

3. Empire Earth

One of the most underrated real-time strategy video games of all time. Similar to the popular Age of Empires series, Empire Earth contains more than 500,000 years of world history. From the prehistoric age to the distant future, this video game had so many features packed in that I believe if they simply made an HD version it would become more popular than it ever was.

4. Guitar Hero

We have not seen a new Guitar Hero in at least 4 years. Guitar Hero Live had a lot to offer but it eventually died off. A remake of the original guitar hero would bring many fans back while keeping the original soundtrack to play. And use the GHTV mode from Guitar Hero Live to add even more songs to play and compete against others online.

5. Conker’s Bad Fur Day

A cult classic full of solid gameplay, colourful visuals and original humour. The graphical style and mechanics makes it a unique platformer that would make sense for a remake. Just the multiplayer alone will get people talking about it.

6. Minecraft

So many video games of similar genres have taken influence from Minecraft. I believe if Minecraft was remade, it could become popular again. With all the mods people have made in Minecraft servers a new Minecraft could randomise more innovative locations, AI interactions, more items, side quests and more processing power to create many more mods in game.

7. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

The game was ported to mobile in later years but, the best skateboarding simulator deserves a full high definition remake. It would have to keep its amazing soundtrack and add more tricks, maps, features and a story though and it would hold up against modern videos for sure.

8. Battlefield 2

If they are going to keep making new Battlefield games why not do a remake of the beloved Battlefield 2. The most nostalgic Battlefield game of the series that divided the swarm of objectives we see today in modern shooters. Giving the video game complexity and depth. Definitely, one of the best long-range shooters that holds realism, style and squad-based strategy.

9. Infamous

A super-powered single-player video game that spawned many sequels. An open-world action game that takes advantage of freedom of movement, intense combat and a story to keep you playing. Being an original PlayStation game that was successful I see a new audience for this game if it were to be remade for the PlayStation 4 or the new PlayStation console when that comes out.

10. Quake

The original Quake was one of the first PC video games that I played. It has a unique look and feel that I still remember it to this day. Researching it for this list I did not know that Trent Reznor of the band provided the soundtrack for it. An entire generation is waiting for the return of monsters inspired by H.P Lovecraft’s writing.

Updated with HD graphics and more I would buy most of these games on the list. Also, this year is going to be big in some of the video game remakes we have wanted for a long time. Some of them include Battletoads 2019, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Super Mario Maker 2, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and many more. What video games would you have on a top 10 list of hypothetical remakes?
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