Ungroovygords List of TV Show Reviews – Updated (2019)

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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Time to update tv show reviews for 2019. This year is going to be huge for television shows such as the last season of Game of Thrones very soon. I only make a review if I have experienced it and I binged watched all these shows. Or watched them weekly as they came out new. Also, I do not think I reviewed a tv show low out of 10 at least recently. Please tell me if any of the following links to any of my existing content do not work.

Listing potential tv shows I could do now or after my 1000th post are Legion season one and two, the animated series of Drawn together, an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Flash and Arrow, Doom Patrol, Fargo and many more possibilities. Television shows will be a big part of my new blog as it is defined under the entertainment niche.

Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?


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