How Do You Make A Comic Book?

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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I am no drawer, but I know enough theory on how to draw and write a comic. Firstly, if you have an idea of a story and cannot decide on what sort of platform to publish on you should consider the comic book format. Or better yet create in a long graphic novel format. Visual storytelling like anything takes a lot of time and research to reach post-production and beyond.

Always write the story first before you draw or get the images from a professional. In this paragraph I will explain what you need to set up in your story ideas. I recommend making notes in bullet points first before starting a script. You should know the genre of the story you want to tell. Give your main character goals or challenges. Even though comic genres are usually superheroes, there has to be a believable setting. And such as all stories a
beginning, middle and end.

There is many resources and online and off that will get you started in your research and development of a script. If you are thinking of doing a single issue at first that is around 22 pages than on average you will need at least 132 panels to fill the pages. The individual panels of a comic create the structure of any comic book story and is an important part of how you will format the script. Also, these individual frames of a page can be any type of shape you want filled with content.

A comic script is simpler than writing a book or a movie script. You do not even need to buy
any fancy scriptwriting software or use templates. Start with Panel 1# and describe the actions and everything that will be in that panel to give the best idea of what will be drawn there. Then if your first panel has dialogue write name: in bold and the rest after it below. That is all you need to start on panel 2#. And remember to add page numbers, exterior or interior and maybe chapters to make it easier to read.

The more details for each panel the easier an artist will understand what you want. Even though my skills drawing is only good in isometric form there are some programs out there I have tried that could be used to draw digitally and professionally. If you hand draw you will need to consider how it will be drawn, the inking, colour and the lettering. In the script, you can add this information between panels as notes.

Than it is time to pitch or self-publish once the writing and images are complete. Overall if I were to do this I would collaborate with a different artist or make an adaptation of some of my existing work. Some graphic novels I have also have the script at the end I would research. Google any of these terms or simply how do you make a comic book? and you will find more information in putting a comic together.

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