50 Best Bob’s Burgers Episodes

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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You will recognise Bob’s voice if you have seen the animated comedy called Archer. Bob’s Burgers stands out from other animated comedies such as The Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy because of how it does more of a pure story compared to reference humour. The stories are a variety of realism delivered with a lot of dry humour from so many interesting characters.

  1. Larger Brother, Where Fart Thou?
  2. Bob Day Afternoon
  3. The Hurt Soccer
  4. V for Valentine-detta
  5. Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks
  6. Crawl Space
  7. Beefsquatch
  8. Weekend At Mort’s
  9. The Haunteening
  10. Burgerboss
  11. Broadcast Wagstaff School News
  12. O.T The Outside Toilet
  13. The Equestranuats
  14. Slumber Party
  15. The Kids Run Away
  16. The Oeder Games
  17. Sheesh! Cab Bob?
  18. Bad Tina
  19. Bob Fires the Kids
  20. The Hantenting
  21. Bob Day Afternoon
  22. Hawk & Chick
  23. Bob Actually
  24. Burgerboss
  25. Dawn of the Peck
  26. The Equestranauts
  27. Stand by Gene
  28. The Kids Run Away
  29. Full Bars
  30. The Kids Rob a Train
  31. Eggs for Days
  32. TheHorse Rider-er
  33. The Quirk-ducers
  34. Uncle Teddy
  35. The Taking of Guntime On Two Three
  36. Bobby Driver
  37. The Wolf of Whalf Street
  38. Better of Sled
  39. The Silence of the Louise
  40. Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Cater for You
  41. Flu-ouise
  42. Ex Mach Tina
  43. A Few ‘Gurt Men
  44. Ai’t Miss Debatin’
  45. the Laser-inth
  46. Glued, where’s My Bob?
  47. Work Hard or Die Tryin, Girl
  48. Tina and the Real Ghost
  49. Eat, Spray, Linda
  50. Fort Night

I highly recommend this animated tv show to anyone at any age. Appealing to all ages it also has a lot of rewatch value being that it is only about twenty minutes long. Bob’s Burgers personally puts personality into its characters that is refreshing. It demonstrates to you new non-recycled stories from the average animated family circumstance shows. The show may not grip you with one episode, so watch a few until you find that good one.

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