Fact or Fiction? Hitler Did Not Die In 1945

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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Adolf Hitler will be ever known as our most evilest human that ever lived. Now we have access to thousands of declassified documents and studies from around the world. What has been revealed over the last 70 years suggests that what we have been taught in school could be wrong. In the FBI declassified documents you may be surprised that millions of dollars were spent on actively looking for Hitler after World War 2.

It is easy for us to accept Hitler committed suicide in 1945 because it would be the human thing to do after all that he did. Although accounts of Adolf Hitler’s death differ on causes of death and much more. Conducting a DNA test in 2009 based on what Russian officials had long believed to be Hitler resulted in finding a women body under the age of forty.

If Hitler did escape during the attack that ended the world war in Berlin, Where did he go? As you may already have known America and many other countries used the escape ratlines to get the best of Germany’s scientists. Using these ratlines Hitler allegedly arrived in Argentina between the 1940s and the 1950s. In these declassified documents reveal the names of people, locations and what ratlines Hitler used to reach Argentina.

Hell on Earth was Berlin 1945 and it is nearly impossible for us to get a real story regardless of historians or scientific experts. A recent study suggests now that Adolf Hitler’s teeth now matches with his documented dental records. Looking into the second generation of high ranking white supremacists that are now in jail you can link them from coming from Argentina. Following the actions and descendants of Nazis, you can see how the way history is written is wrong.

Fact or Fiction? Hitler is long dead and his influence on isolated communities in South America may have been directly or externally.
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