Pokemon Sword & Shield will be set in England?

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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The new Galar Region.

Pokémon’s eighth generation has been revealed in our first glimpse of the new video games. And is set within a fictional Pokemon version of England named Galar. I have been waiting for this moment since I finished completing Pokemon Let’s Go. With the small number of details we know now there is still much we do not know that there is to speculate on.

Previous Pokemon games have taken us to real-life versions of Hawaii, Paris, New York and more. England’s history and architecture that was revealed has a strong influence to make you believe that the story will be too. Even a relevant leak has suggested that there will be armoured evolutions for your Pokemon.

Watch the reveal trailer at the bottom of the page to see the new starter Pokemon that you will be able to choose if you play. Which are Grookey the grass type, Scorebunny the fire type or Sobble the water type Pokemon. If I had to choose one of the three starter Pokemon I would take Scorbunny because I have never used a rabbit Pokemon before.

As I have previously stated in the first paragraph, experiencing what the Nintendo Switch can do with Pokemon this Is what I have been wanting. You can calm down due to it looks as wild battles are returning. This makes me think what else could they change or potentially add? Overall I hope it delivers on an exciting journey while giving us replay value. Pokemon Sword and Shield is to be released late this year.

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