My Top 10 Favourite Fictional Genres

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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We all have different opinions and thoughts on the styles of fiction. In my opinion, some styles of fiction are better than others. As some of our favourite genres will not be the same, the order of the list will be determined by me alone. Changing to the second person in my list, I will describe why my favourite genres are worthy to be in such a top 10 list.

10. Horror

Strangely you can get a satisfying creepy feeling with horror. Good horror can make you a bit freaked out yet the opposite makes you see the humour.

9. Animation

Some are so good that many are turned into live-action adaptation movies you may have heard of. If you use the top 250 on IMDB, then there are a few animated movies in that list you should watch. You may be surprised that there are much more genres within the animation genre than just action.

8. Adventure

Adventure genre content is usually friendly enough for you and anyone to see. The journey of an adventure gives you a sense of excitement and also presents a danger. A genre that is as old as time together with familiarity.

7. Music

Like adventure, music genre content is friendly enough for you and anyone else to see and listen too. The films Whiplash made in 2014 and then Bohemian Rhapsody released in the year of 2018 are two of the best music genre movies you should watch.

6. Action

You can not miss the action genre because of the fact of the sub-genres associated with it. Without action in any form, you would not see any stories that have conflict resolution or develop into any interesting.

5. Drama

Some drama genres can be so powerful that can make you emotional. You can not argue that most dramas add the most quality of realism compared to others on this list.

4.  Fantasy

One of the fictional genres where you will experience some originality. Hypothetical questions based on history combined with fiction give you answers to what if questions or worlds. A vision so far from realism that develops into something original and unique.

3. Science Fiction

Did you know that science fiction is more possible than fantasy? On the basis of a foundation of science and how you would predict the future the genre holds more realism.

2. Comedy

Comedy universally appeals to you through humour.  Depending on your type of humour each type of comedy has its own style to make you laugh. Characteristics and concepts are designed to make you know it is fiction and you will not care.

1. Thriller

In the first place is the thriller genre and you are going to be entertained. Compared to your favourite genre a thriller is broad and has overlapping subgenres. Thrillers are able to heighten your feelings of suspense, increase excitement, create anticipation, surprise you and make you feel anxiety as the story develops.

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