A Rant About Political Ideologies

An article writtten by: Lee Sonogan

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To have a political opinion you will have political ideals. Within the political spectrum, your opinions will either be classed as left for liberty or right for conservationism. In governments around the world, political parties who had far left or right ideas become either communism or a dictatorship. Creating this rant, I intend to discuss the differences between the political spectrum and the solutions of political ideals.

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In current times speaking about politics can get dangerous between opposing ideology. Dividing groups and individuals into bias logic while slowly encouraging far left or right actions. As I have explained in this article (https://ungroovygords.com/2016/07/02/the-two-party-system/) governments and political parties use a two-party system in most countries and use tactics to manipulate supporters. In a republic system where we elect our leaders and then run by a liberal political party is not a true democracy.

With the rise of extreme left social justice warriors and the recent extreme right attack in New Zealand, things are only going to get worse before it gets better. Conflict arises between ideals because ideology becomes a part of an identity. A lot of people will avoid disagreements against their ideals because a part of their identity does not want to be wrong. Without a balance of positive identity and ideologies, we will have a status quo world that never has a logical/productive dialogue between people or create new leaders that we will need.

As I have already commented on some previous posts my political ideology is radical centrism. While some believe centrists do not hold a definite opinion, I disagree. Using ideology from both sides of a political spectrum is the only solution to create a balance of positive results. Joining an individual’s identity in a discussion that avoids bias will create educated solutions. With the conflict between ideology and identity improved then maybe with quality leaders, there could be room for growth.

Overall, don’t be a jerk is the answer to solving the conflict between opposing ideology and identity. If we taught people how to think for themselves then maybe we would have individuals that do not attach themselves to bias ideology and have a stronger individual identity. Making a point, ideology and identity should be ever-changing in its liberty and when determined to be successful, be conservative and make it law.


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