Rust, a video game review

A video game review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2018) Action, adventure, survival

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The most addicting and underrated video game that I have played in quite some time. When I first became a PC gamer in 2013 I saw Rust for sale through Steam’s Steam Early Acess. As of the video game’s full release in 2018, I regret not buying it cheap while it was still in development. The multiplayer-only survival video game has so many features in it that it appeals to people who want more than just a player vs player (PVP) experience.

Although the minimum required ram needed is labeled 8gig, I highly recommend upgrading your computer to 16 gigs such as I have just done. Then you will be able to play without any FPS drop (Frames Per Second) while having access to more Rust servers with less ping. To explain some features in the game a lot of it will involve collecting loot and crafting items. The most important piece of loot is scrap which acts as an in-game currency in the game.

Some of the crafted items encourage role-playing elements such as the uses of vending machines, shop fronts, drop and mailboxes and much more. Many people make shops that sell items for scrap, for example, I followed a McDonald’s sign all the way to the Maccas and brought some cooked meat on the cheap. Other crafted items can be made by using four different workbenches and using scrap to research blueprints. The higher level workbench the better chance you will get quality blueprints for weapons and important items.

One of the worse parts of Rust is the grinding to get the resources needed to progress. While this video game is easy to pick up, there is some locations or monuments that you will need to research on YouTube to obtain better loot. Because there are puzzles at each of the locations with either green, blue or red loot rooms. Elsewhere there are roaming AI, a cargo ship moving around the world map and AI helicopters flying around which all can give you loot.

Rust is known for having an unfriendly and toxic community, even though raiding bases and killing other each is a part of the game. The bases are strong and balanced enough for you to not be raided while offline. I have met some nice people on the server I am playing. Killed some people who tried to trick me. Rust’s survival sandbox of fun has the best base building system in any game I have played. And has enough within its huge map that will make you play for hours. I recommend this video game to anyone who enjoyed similar video games such as Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, The Forest, Day Z and much more.


PS – This video game makes me happy and I want to try out other peoples modded servers!

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