Structuring Patience

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan*vzWzeHIePfOxPdexHmrjVg.jpeg?resize=775%2C517&ssl=1

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweeter.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

You may benefit from slowing down more than you would think,

Know the structures of patience,

The negative issues in your life will shrink,

And make you strong within your own presence.

People who are patient are linked to better mental health,

More cooperative, more empathic, more forgiving,

They are more hidden in stealth,

Although have the ability of a greater quality of living.

Being humble can make you understand,

Paying your dues can make you see,

Not everything you want will happen as planned,

One step towards cultivating patience could land you where you want to be.

Reframe beyond your thoughts and belief,

Give yourself room to regulate your emotion,

In the end patience creates relief,

Patience is an action that you will need to run in full motion.

Awareness on the present moment reveals choices,

Mindfulness is acknowledging or accepting a truth,

Creating positive paths vs conflicting voices,

Wait and think of logical answers that sooth.

Learning from your mistakes is humbling,

Preserve energy to think more clear,

Impulsiveness in motion is prone to tumbling,

Using a persistent grit and heart is nothing you should fear.

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