Wild Turkey – American Honey, an alcohol review

An alcohol review written by: Lee Sonogan

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Wild Turkey is known for being a favourite drink of journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Receiving a straight bottle of Wild Turkey – American Honey for Christmas, I had to at least give it a try. Not normally enjoying the taste of whiskey or even honey I was pleasantly surprised. In this case, I learnt a lesson in taste and how ingredients In small amounts in combination with preferred beverages or even foods can still be good.

Not technically a pure whiskey but a bourbon whiskey, it limits the strong after taste of whiskey. Compared to the bourbon whiskey that I enjoy called Cougar, it goes down much smoother. Blended with honey, the honey is not overpowering at all giving the overall drink a more sweeter taste. And maybe most importantly for me personally, it agreed with me more instead of sitting in my stomach like some of straight bottled bourbons.

After finishing my first straight bottle of Wild Turkey – American Honey that I mix with Coka Cola and a different time with lemonade, I brought the same drink in pre-mixed cans and it was of better or equal quality. I would be interested to try it mixed into an alcoholic cocktail of some sort. Wild Turkey – American Honey is highly recommended if you are interested in trying new and interesting Bourbon variations even if it is not normally something you would drink.


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