First Impressions of the GoPro Hero 7 Silver

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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My first 4K video camera for the purpose of filming other than using my mobile phone. The action camera, GoPro Hero 7 Silver was released last year in September. Recently getting this GoPro, It is already clear that it has better filming quality than my phone. Other than not having a new phone charger to charge this video camera, I was impressed with what I was able to capture with it. In this article, I will describe the results of the few videos I filmed with it and what I am going to do with this camera once some of the extra accessories I brought for it comes in the mail.

For about $300 you can purchase this camera that comes with a selfie stick/tripod, a micro sd card and the camera itself. The setup includes removing the sticker in the case and making an account through an app. Turning it on my GoPro has already had 20 percent battery life. For an example have uploaded one of the test videos below to see how the video looks. Action cameras need natural light to get the best quality image for video. While the video below looks good on its own there are filters for GoPro’s that improve quality in the shade and in bright light.

You don’t buy a video camera unless you have uses for it. The GoPro I have is able to have the cinematic style I want. Accessories and mounts to get new types of shots I could not have previously recorded. And any type of quality from a mirrorless or DSLR video camera can be made in post-production editing. Saying that I will need to get the right equipment for the desired quality shot I want to film which will include a three-point mechanized gimple to increase stabilisation for professional moving shots. Right here I am announcing that I am writing a new low-budget short film script.

I am excited to start filming right away on the first test concept video. As I have mentioned before in a previous article I am interested in making a documentary. Starting the process of this so far I have collected non-copyrighted footage and started an opening credits. Other then those two ideas I would like to collect various footage of anything interesting I can get and sell it as non-copyrighted videos for cheap online. Finally, in due time there will be mods for the GoPro 7 and any lenses used on mirrorless or DSLR video cameras will be able to be put onto the GoPro.

Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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