Images of My Tradble Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

A list created by: Lee Sonogan


A few years ago I started collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! cards again in an attempt to go to card tournaments. Managing to go to one with a good deck it was too late to go again due to the card game changing the baned and limited cards every six months. Tournaments are impossible to keep up with unless you are regularly buying new Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and making new decks. This has left me with a lot of cards I do not need and they are all tradeable or of quality to sell as some sort of a collection. The green book with Pokemon stickers has been a my card holder for many years.

This green folder of Yu-Gi-Oh cards is only a third of my collection. I also have two decks in individual card slips and a plastic book full of even more cards. There are many more cards I would need to get if I were to make a deck that is currently competitive enough for a tournament. If any of these cards interest you feel free to contact me.
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