Fact or Fiction? The Secret Space Programs

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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If there is one huge conspiracy out there that is meant to be a secret, it is secret space programs or a breakaway civilization. Would you be mad or feel betrayed if this was true? What if unidentified objects and the alien encounters over the centuries have been more advanced humans all along? In this following article, I will not only just speculate but provide some evidence that could potentially be true.

First I will talk about the elephant in the room. NASA has said many times they have destroyed the technology to go back to the moon. Claiming they do not have the factories, materials, tools and even the expertise to understand and operate the rocket vehicles. In nearly 50 years NASA has been testing and developing new rockets and new ways to operate in space. Having a budget of an equivalent of billions before NASA had launched their first rocket into space, why are they not as further ahead as all the old movies predicated that we would be?

Today the American rocket used in Apollo missions named Saturn V would cost around $1.16 billion to be made and with NASA’s 2019’s budget of $21.5 billion a year they could have made many new spaceship prototypes. The International Space Station only took a little over 2 billion dollars to be completely constructed in space and it takes roughly 3 billion dollars to manage it each year. If International Space Station can last in space this long, then surely we have the advanced technology needed and the understanding to make new settlements on the moon and more.

Now for some relevant evidence. A hacker by the name of Gary Mckinnon hacked into NASA’s hard drives finding some information that was related to a black budget program known as Solar Warden. He found information that seemed to indicate an operation that consisted of eight huge motherships and apparently 40 smaller vessels. Potential insiders or whistleblow have also said there are bases on the Moon and on Mars with holograms covering up sections of the surface.

To summarise everything I have just said, besides bringing up aliens it should be possible in modern times. As the conspiracy can go deeper, with regards to Germany they had flying saucers in World War 2. I could believe that the people of Earth could be this unaware. The numbers do not add up compared to the innovation we are aware of. In the event that the average person can visit space for themselves, we shall never know for certain.

Fact or Fiction? 50/50, I have seen some weird stuff in the sky recently.

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