Adventure Time, Vol 1. a graphic novel review

A graphic novel review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2012) Graphic novel, comedy

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“Boom! Studios has a strong track record when it comes to adaptations, but none have captured the tone and visual style of the source material as completely as ADVENTURE TIME.” – The Onion A.V. 

What Time Is It? Oh My Glob! Adventure Time! The weird and wacky Adventure Time on Cartoon Network has its own comic book series. Loved by many and just like the animated show, this volume of four comic book issues appeals to the young and the old. Best pals, Finn and Jake join together with many other quirky characters to fight off the return of the Lich King who wants to use the Bag of Holding to suck up the Land of Ooo and throw it into the sun/

The characters of Adventure Time have developed over time while this comic book series restarts the story and reintroduces everyone. As for the writer of this series, Ryan North doesn’t miss a beat as his characterizations, plots, and dialogue flows just right enough to make it feel like you are watching a new tv show episode of Adventure time. Not only that but also has little quotes at the bottom of the page that breaks the fourth wall which are some of the best parts of the whole graphic novel.

Visually impressive, these Adventure Time stories capture the essence of what the show is about. Full of the typical humour expected from Adventure Time all your favourite characters are featured (If you have not seen the tv show). I was so impressived with this graphic novel that I brought the second volume. I recommend this graphic novel to all fans of the show or new fans who have never seen the show and want something new and fun to read.


“Ryan North and artists Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb have created a comic that is as great as the show.” – Comics Bulletin
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