A Rant About The Educational System

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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Depending on where you live or go to learn, the educational systems of each country are all very different from each other. As shown in the image above, the top 10 ten education systems from around the world are not what you would expect. While Finland has the most efficient education system, what are they doing better than everyone else?

Finland may be the best because they get the best teachers being that to teach in Finland you need a master’s degree. Also, there are only public schools in Finland with the purpose of having the rich and the poor not face discrimination. All of Finland’s schools are the same with the same amount of hours and funded resources, but in contrast to other countries, on average they are a small educational system.

Facts on educational systems around the world:
  • The country with the shortest school year and the longest school day is in France.
  • China is where students get the most homework that is 14 hours a week.
  • Japanese schools teach moral education.
  • Dutch students all start school on their 4th birthday.
  • Norway’s high school graduation involves a three-week party.
  • Most likely many more examples.

New leaders are what the world needs, we also need more passionate teachers who do not educate with an attitude of just handing out the standardised tests and following the generic curriculum. People who are capable of being motivated to teach and inspire their students while being adaptable in teaching on an individual level that is needed. Teachers, if you can not ethically control a class of people then you should not be the one teaching.

Rant Conclusion:

To summarise everything I have just written about, Why are we not taught to think for our self more in schools. Critical thinking is personal growth and can come from responsibility. I once got in trouble in high school for going into town during lunch and I got in trouble for it. Educational systems need tests for personal growth that could be as simple as believing in students to be responsible. Universities are better at faith in responsible people and if younger aged people had the same respect, things could change in these young people’s lives.

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