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In addition to all that is involved in writing and publishing posts on blogs, I now know my biggest problem in creating the best quality content I can. UNGROOVYGORDS is guilty of fragmented sentences. Fragments and Run-ons are sentences that are not complete thoughts although complete thoughts can be made through many sentences, it will affect your readability negatively. Since I have become aware of this, I am going to practice with everything I write and improve on my overall sentences.

In view of traditional grammar, fragments in sentences are usually regarded as grammatical errors. Or as errors in punctuation. On the other hand, they can be used by professional writers to create emphasis or other stylistic effects. But, the Flesh Reading Ease and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level readability tests would usually rate your writing work a lower score. Flesh Reading Ease scores pieces of writing with a score out of one hundred and the higher the score you get the better the reliability it should be.

The Flesh Reading Ease test that is built into WordPress gave this blog post a score of 62.8%, getting a 60-70% score is considered easy to read and acceptable to be posted online. Then, The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level is a test that determines a readable grade level by age which allows you to fix your fragmented sentences that will improve the readability of people of older ages. On the subject of making a complete thought with each sentence has three main elements to it. Each sentence needs a relevant subject that flows well from the previous sentence and the next sentence.

Fragmented sentences examples and solutions:
  • From morning until night. – I worked from morning until night.
  • Start after the weekend. – Classes start after the weekend.
  • The sound from the room. – The sound from the room was loud. 
  • Since you were not at home. – Since you were not home, I left a note at your door.

Secondly, there needs to be an action or/and a verb in connections describing the sentence’s subject. And finally, there needs to be a complete thought with a combination of all three previously listed concepts. A complete sentence with all three elements will increase the grade level of your writing and make it more easy to understand if you know nothing about the subject. A complete thought can be very short and make sense or even stand out by itself as it’s an independent. I still have more to improve on other than the issues I am having with fragmented sentences. Making quality sentences is now a goal of mine and I will continue to evolve my style of writing from now on.

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